What is a Deodorant Bar?

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A deodorant bar is a kind of deodorant that is packaged like bar soap rather than like traditional deodorant. Instead of coming in a tube as a cylinder of product that can be adjusted and applied using a dial at the base of the container, a deodorant bar usually comes without any packaging. Stores that sell this sort of deodorant often use some sort of packaging so that customers can carry it home. This packaging may be as simple as a bit of butcher paper and twine or tape. In most cases, a deodorant bar is made out of a formula of mostly natural ingredients.

There are not many companies that sell deodorant bars, but people who have sensitive skin or who have allergies to ingredients in most other kinds of deodorants seek out their products. People who require deodorant that is made without aluminum often choose a deodorant bar that is made out of natural ingredients. Some people simply prefer to use natural skin care and hygiene products.


In many cases, a deodorant bar is slightly firmer than deodorants that are packaged in plastic tubes. They can be a bit trickier to apply, especially if they are stored in a cold area. Some people find that holding the bar in their hands for a few minutes warms up the product enough so that it becomes soft enough to apply. While this may be a bit of a hassle, especially for people who prefer to have a morning routine that takes as little time as possible, many people find that the density of this kind of deodorant means that the product lasts longer. In fact, some people find that a single deodorant bar can last twice as long as a stick of deodorant.

There are a number of ways to store a deodorant bar at home. One way is to store it in a container that is otherwise used to contain bar soap while traveling. Another way is to keep it on a small stand that is otherwise used for hand soap. Either way, it is important to have some device to hold the deodorant bar. If it is simply left on the edge of the bathroom sink, it may begin to melt, collect dust and fuzz, or dry out and become cracked.


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