What is a Denture Toothbrush?

Diane Goettel

A denture toothbrush is a dental care product that is used specifically to clean dentures. It is not shaped in the same way that an ordinary toothbrush is shaped. Instead of having bristles on just one side of the head, a denture toothbrush usually has bristles one two sides of the head. One side of the head usually has bristles that looks like the bristles on the head of a normal toothbrush. The other side of a denture toothbrush usually has bristles that are shorter and fewer than the bristles on the side that looks more like the head of a normal toothbrush. This other side is usually angled as well.

Dentures are prosthetic teeth worn by those who have lost their natural teeth.
Dentures are prosthetic teeth worn by those who have lost their natural teeth.

The shorter, angled bristles on a denture brush are meant to be used while cleaning the palate of the dentures, not the teeth. Not only is this area cleaned just for the purpose of basic hygiene and cleanliness, but this is also the area where denture cream is applied. Denture cream is an adhesive that makes the dentures stay in place in the mouth. As an adhesive, it is thick, like a paste, and must be brushed away from the top of the dentures to avoid buildup of the product. Keeping the dentures clean in this way can also make them easier to insert and apply later when fresh denture cream is applied.

Partial dentures.
Partial dentures.

The handle of a denture toothbrush is also different from the handle of a normal toothbrush. It is sometimes a bit shorter and is designed to be held while the user is brushing dentures that have been removed from the mouth instead of stationary teeth inside of the mouth. Just as toothbrush is commonly used with dental products such as toothpaste, dentures are cleaned with products such as denture cleaning paste and dissolving tablets. Dissolving tablets are added to a cup of fresh water, along with the dentures. The tablets dissolve into the water and clean the dentures.

A denture toothbrush can be used alone, or with the aid of these kinds of products. The kind of denture toothbrush and denture cleaning products that are used is based on personal preference. One can always ask one's dentist, however, for recommendations about which products are the best to use and which ones will keep the dentures as clean and comfortable as possible. In some cases, entire kits of denture cleaning products, including a denture toothbrush, can be purchased.

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