What is a Dental Spa?

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A dental spa is a facility which combines services typically found in a day spa with those found in a dentist's office. The idea is to make the thought of a trip to the dentist less distressing by providing an assortment of complementary services, ranging from reflexology to microdermabrasion. Dental spas tend to be located in urban areas, where the large population can support such an endeavor; they are typically listed in public phone books and spa guides.

The services offered at a dental spa can vary widely, depending on the level of collaboration between practitioners. As a general rule, basic dental services like checkups, cleanings, and fillings are offered along with cosmetic dental procedures like whitening, straightening, closing gaps between teeth, and crowns. Spa services can include skin care, massage, eye massage, facials, and sometimes hair and makeup, as well.

The American Dental Association has spoken out in support of dental spas, suggesting that they improve overall patient care. In addition to placing an emphasis on whole-body care, rather than just dental care, dental spas also help patients to relax, making it easier for dentists to perform examinations and procedures. Some dental spas may also combine their services with those of a medical practice, offering medical check-ups and sometimes consultations with practitioners of alternative medicine as well.


Clients can generally tailor services at a dental spa to meet their needs. Clients who feel like taking a spa day may be able to book an assortment of massage and body treatments to accompany dental procedures, while clients who don't have as much time may opt for a quick facial or a neck and shoulder massage with their dental treatments. For clients who will be lingering, many dental spas provide snacks, typically with light, wholesome foods.

As is the case with any spa, you may want to do some research before visiting a dental spa. Word of mouth recommendations are a good place to start, and many dental spas are also reviewed in spa enthusiast publications. You may want to talk to the staff about the services offered, package deals, and where the service providers trained; dental school certificates on the wall are always a good sign, as are detailed biographies in the literature at the dental spa.


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Post 3

@talentryto- That is a great idea too! Either way, the fact that there is also something enjoyable to look forward to makes going to the dentist almost pleasurable.

Post 2

@raynbow- My friend goes to one of these spas for her dental work, and it has really helped to ease her fears of going to the dentist. She recommends saving the spa treatments for after having her teeth cleaned or filled because it relaxes her thinking about the fun part of her trip to the dentist.

Post 1

My dentist just expanded her office to include a dental spa, and I love it. It makes you feel like you are going to be pampered, not just have your teeth worked on. If you have access to such a facility, I recommend having a facial the same day that you have dental work done. This will put you in a relaxed mood before your dental procedure.

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