What is a Demilune Table?

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A demilune table is a semi-circular table which is designed to be pushed up against a wall. Demilune tables come in a wide range of styles which are intended to complement various home decorating schemes, and they are also fairly easy to make in a home woodworking shop, for people who want to create a very specific and desired look. Most furniture stores stock demilune tables, and they can typically special-order them for customers with very specific needs.

This style of table is one among a much larger family of tables known as console tables. Console tables are designed specifically for the purpose of standing against a wall, and in some cases they are designed to be bracketed or bolted to a wall as well. Typically, a console table is relatively small, making it extremely versatile, as it can be used in a range of places. One common place for a console table is in the hall near a door, allowing people to deposit keys, mail, purses and so forth in a convenient location.


The defining feature of a demilune table is its shape, which is either a half circle or a stylized half circle. When stylized, the clear form of a circle is retained, although the edges may be obscured with foliage, scrolls, and other designs. A typical demilune table has three to four legs, depending on the design; if the table has three legs, two are located on the side of the table which goes against the wall, while the third is located in the middle of the arc of the circle.

Depending on the design, a demilune table may also include storage space underneath, in the form of drawers, shelves, or both. If the whole space beneath is taken up with drawers, this furniture item becomes a demilune dresser. Depending on the design, the storage features may be decorated with ornamental carving, metal features, or paint, or they may be left plain.

When choosing a demilune table, you should think about how it will mesh with your d├ęcor. You should also examine the table carefully to ensure that it is solidly and safely constructed. Look for strong joints which are reinforced with pegs or screws, and try to avoid tables which are just glued together, as the glue can fail. You may also want to investigate the back side of the demilune table, as particle board and veneer are often used as trim in areas that furniture companies think consumers will not see.


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In the interior design community, the demilune table is also known by the term half round.

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