What is a Decorative Driveway?

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A decorative driveway is a driveway typically designed with a specific concrete pattern. These patterns can consist of different colors and they can also be stained or engraved. Decorating or enhancing a driveway can increase property value and curb appeal. Homeowners have a variety of designs to choose from. There are several ways to achieve these looks.

Resurfacing a driveway can change its appearance. This is done by adding an overlay or concrete base to the existing driveway. Fitted concrete borders can also be placed along side of a driveway to alter the appearance. If a different colored overlay is used along with a concrete border, the driveway can seem completely transformed. Engraving or using different types of textures can have the same effect.

A decorative driveway can be produced by engraving or carving designs into the cement. For example, a brick pattern can be used for either a tiled or brick effect. By pouring a layer of concrete over an existing driveway, a series of cuts can be made in the cement. These specific cuts can make the driveway appear as though it has a tiled pattern. To produce a brick effect, the cuts can be made deep and close together.


Stains and concrete paints can also be used to make a decorative driveway. These stains can be used in one basic color or a variety of colors to produce a desired effect. Concrete paints are commonly used to outline tiling effects. Other techniques such as glazing or using a multi-toned stain can make a luxurious decorative driveway.

Stamping is procedure used to produce slate, brick, or natural rock patterns. It can be used to make uniform tiles with straight, even edges or different size stamping can be used to produce a more natural look. Uneven edges and textures can resemble rock formations and using the stamping procedure instead of natural rock can be more less expensive. Using different colors while stamping can also produce a more natural look.

A sealer should be used when a decorative driveway is installed. This can help to seal in the color and to stop cracking. Small natural cracks can also appear over time, but they generally will not have a long-term effect on the driveway.


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