What is a Decanting Funnel?

Malcolm Tatum

A characteristic of all kitchen funnels is that the utensil is used to direct solids or liquids into a container without a mess or a spill. The decanting funnel certainly accomplishes that. However, this particular type of funnel not only allows for decanting of liquids, but aerating and filtering as well. Here is some basic information about the decanting funnel and how this kitchen utensil can be a great asset.

Wine poured from a decanting funnel should taste and smell better.
Wine poured from a decanting funnel should taste and smell better.

The decanting funnel looks much like any other type of kitchen funnel. Constructed of stainless steel or hard plastic, funnels of this nature are shaped with a wider mouth and body that narrow down to a short pipe. Normally, there is a small handle and sometimes two handles attached to the mouth end of the decanting funnel. This allows the funnel to be balanced on the open mouths of larger containers, as well as providing a way to hold the decanting funnel with the hands without touching the body of the funnel.

The decanting funnel does more than just direct the flow of liquid into a container. A small filter is included in the base of the funnel. As the liquid is poured into the mouth of the funnel, the filter will catch any residue, filtering out unwanted particles. The result will be a clear and pristine liquid that is ready for use.

Along with the decanting properties and filtering properties, the decanting filter also allow for aerating the liquid on its way to the decanter. This can be very important for wines. As the wine enters the decanting funnel, the swirling motion that is created as the liquid moves through the filter and into the pipe helps to air out the wine, making the taste and the bouquet of the wine more pleasant. While decanting funnels can be used for any liquid, preparing wine for decanters is the most common usage.

The decanting funnel can also be used for a variety of liquids. For example, the funnel can be used to filter fresh squeezed orange juice or as a way to strain vinegar. The decanting funnel is also helpful in straining cooking herbs from broths, leaving a clear and clean looking broth for soups and sauces.

A decanting funnel is a handy kitchen utensil that any wine lover should have available. The decanting funnel can be purchased in any kitchen store as well as many kitchen and houseware departments in upscale retail stores and specialty supermarkets. Using the decanter funnel is a great way to get the most from the clarity, flavor and aroma of your favorite wine.

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