What Is a Dead Sea Face Peel?

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A dead sea face peel is a type of facial peel made from minerals obtained from the Dead Sea. The natural components of this face peel easily remove blackheads, whiteheads and dead skin, and they help maintain moisture levels in the skin. Application of a dead sea face peel mirrors that of any other home face peel, and the product can be purchased at department stores or boutiques.

Some of the ingredients contained in a dead sea face peel include dead sea minerals and the extracts of Echinacea angustifolio, rosemary, ginseng and green tea. The peel also has ingredients in it, such as vitamins E, A and C, that can be commonly found in other beauty products that are intended for use on the face. A bit of fragrance is often added to the peel to leave the user with an appealing scent on the skin after the product has been washed away.

A dead sea face peel works by bringing impurities to the surface and gently removing them from the skin. Many dead sea face peel enthusiasts claim that the peel works within minutes of its application and that results can be observed as exfoliation occurs. It's not uncommon for users of this peel to see dirt, grime and dead skin cells be sloughed off the skin, even if the top layer of their skin appeared clean before the face peel was applied.


To apply a dead sea face peel, one would massage a small amount of the peel onto the face or neck. As with any other exfoliating product, gentle, circular motions are made until the skin has been sufficiently exfoliated. Users of any exfoliation product should be careful not to overdo the massaging, which might cause irritation. Removal of the peel is as easy as rinsing it off with cool water and patting the skin dry. Subsequent uses of the skin peel should be spaced out by at least a few days; many people choose to use the skin peel once a week.

Dead sea face peels can be purchased at boutique and department stores, and they can be expensive. The product contains natural ingredients, so it has a reputation for easily expiring. Users should ensure that the peel's container is always sealed tightly and stored in a cool, dark place. People who want to experience a face peel with comparable results at a fraction of the price would do well to look into making their own face peels at home.


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Post 3

Some people say that this peel works for them and others say that it does nothing.

There are two counters at my mall where they sell this stuff and it's so overpriced. I bought it simply out of curiosity and I'm not sure if it does anything. It does "seem" like it's removing dead skin when I rub it, but that's probably just the peel itself. I haven't made my mind up about this product just yet.

I have tried dead sea mud though and I think that stuff is amazing.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- I haven't been using dead sea face peels for blackheads specifically although I do have some. I've been using them to get rid of my acne blemishes and it has definitely helped. I did not get much of a result the first time but with continued use, my blemish scars have become lighter. I generally use this once a month.

As for blackheads, I don't think it has made much of a difference because they're still there. But then, I probably don't use the peel frequently enough to get rid of blackheads.

Overall, dead sea face peel makes skin smoother and it also helps with pores and blemishes. I recommend it, it's a decent face peel.

Post 1

I want to try a dead sea face peel for blackhead and whiteheads. I have so many of them on my nose and cheeks and I've tried many different products to no avail. Has anyone tried this type of peel for blackheads? Does it work?

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