What is a Database Administrator?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Essentially, the main role of a database administrator has to do with overseeing the installation and ongoing function of software on a system designed for use by a number of users. There are several specific responsibilities that someone in this job will perform in just about any corporate environment.

Database administrators often handle the process of creating backup records of the information contained in the databases on the system.
Database administrators often handle the process of creating backup records of the information contained in the databases on the system.

A basic responsibility for just about every database administrator involves the installation of new databases. As part of the database installation, he or she will set up login credentials to authorized persons, define the privileges associated with each authorized user, and ensure that every work station attached to the network is set up to access the new database. This process usually involves a period of troubleshooting, in which the administrator will address and resolve any problems that users experience with the new product.

Database administrators often handle the process of creating backup records of the information contained in the databases on the system. This involves more than setting up an automatic backup and assuming that the backup is proceeding according to plan. The administrator will check the backup files to make sure the information is complete, the integrity of the data is secure, and that the saved files can easily be accessed and loaded in the event that something happens to the main database.

With just about all software, new releases and upgrades are made available from time to time. The database administrator will be aware of any new versions or upgrades to existing versions that could improve the efficiency of a currently installed database. Generally, he or she is authorized to upload free upgrades and install them at will. In the event that a new version is available, the administrator may work with others in the company to determine if the cost of replacing the existing database software is worth the investment.

In more recent years, the role of the database administrator has expanded in some companies. The administrator may be called upon to take a basic design and customize the fields or functions to more effectively serve the needs of the corporation. While these types of projects are more commonly associated with a database analyst or designer, it is not uncommon for a database administrator in a small company to assume these roles.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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I want to prepare to be an administrator database, but I can't begin. Can you help me or show me the first step?


The work of a database administrator may seem tedious to some, and often requires the ability to work with and sort out large amounts of webpage data. This kind of work is not for those who need human contact in order to stay energized. It is a matter of machine codes and the ability to stay motivated while staring at a screen and codes all day.


Database administrator jobs are readily available on the internet and can adapt to work at home. If you have the necessary qualifications and acquaintance with computer and internet codes, you can make a good living off of the internet and computers. The relative rarity of skilled computer and internet- savvy individuals is due to the fact that computer language seems difficult and far-out to many people. It is becoming increasingly important, however, for the layman to understand computer and internet terms and codes.


Database administrator salary may vary depending on what business or website you are working for. Higher qualifications are required for databases which handle more information and users on a daily basis. There is also often a team of people to help the administrator on these large sites. Understanding interpersonal communication may also be necessary for a think tank or forum community database.


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I configured outlook in one my client dell vostro lap. It downloaded all the mails except the last two months' mails. What could be done for this? Is there any way to select the duration to download mails. Please help me out. Regards, Srinivas k.


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