What is a Daisy Girl Scout?

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Girl Scout groups are organized by the age group that they include. A Daisy Girl Scout must be five or six years old, usually in kindergarten or first frade. This group is the youngest of the Girl Scouts of America with Brownie and Junior following before reaching the 11-17 age group.

Joining the Daisy Girl Scouts is an easy task. Various Girl Scouts of America offices around the country serve particular regions. Those interested in joining contact their local office which puts in touch with their local troop. A fee of $10 US Dollars (USD) per year covers the basic program, with extra costs like uniform and trips optional.

A Daisy Girl Scout group generally has between five and ten members. They are led by a leader who is trained by the Girl Scouts of America. This leader can be a community member or a parent of one of the children. The parents chip in with assistance when needed, for example as chaperons or drivers for field trips.

Uniforms are part the being a Daisy Girl Scout just as with their older counterparts. All girls receive a membership pin when they join the group. They can wear full uniforms or just a tunic or vest over everyday clothing. For times not in uniform, t-shirts, caps, and even pants with the Daisy Girl Scout insignia are available.


Group activities make up the greatest portion of a little girl's time as a Daisy Girl Scout. Arts and crafts, field trips and camping trips are among some of the most popular activities. Community service is also stressed and the girls are encouraged to help their fellow man. As they complete different tasks, the girls earn petals or badges that can be sewn to their tunic if desired.

When a girl is old enough, they can "bridge" to the next level of scouting called Brownie Scouts. Daisy Scout Girls have visits with Brownie Scouts to learn what they do, complete various Brownie activities, and eventually sit on a Brownie meeting or field trip. There is a ceremony much like a graduation at the end of the bridging period to welcome the girls onto the next step of scouting along with a new Brownie Girl Scout Pin.


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