What Is a Daffodil Festival?

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A daffodil festival typically takes place in an area known for its daffodils and is an event that honors the flower as well as those who grow them. Plenty of crafts and merchandise, as well as daffodils, are usually sold at the festival. Musical entertainment and a parade are two of the most popular parts of the event. Members of a royal court usually serve as ambassadors of the festival. There is an opportunity for attendees to learn a substantial amount about the flowers.

Although many are familiar with daffodils in plant form, there are various forms of crafts and merchandise that use either real or fake daffodils or their images. Some of the crafts that might be available at a daffodil festival and are created from real or silk daffodils include hair accessories, decorative wreaths or centerpieces. Merchandise or crafts that showcase images of daffodils might include clothing, purses, artwork and patterned linens. Some might be for exhibit purposes while others will be available for purchase.

There is usually some form of entertainment at a daffodil festival, whether it's a parade or live music. The parade may include a marching band as well as floats decked out in plenty of daffodils. Considering the festival typically lasts more than one day, there will usually be live music played either by the local high school band, by a famous act or by local bands.


At a daffodil festival, there's the opportunity to learn all about the flowers. Plenty of information is available regarding different gardening techniques as well as information about how to grow daffodils indoors and outdoors. Depending on the festival, there may also be new gardening products available and demonstrations about how they work.

A likely sight at a daffodil festival is the royal court. The young women are nominated by their communities to serve as ambassadors for the festival and will typically have various duties throughout the year. At the festival, scholarship money is usually awarded to some of the young women and a queen is elected from amongst the group.

Attending a daffodil festival is a way to support local businesses. It's a chance to learn all about the flowers, buy some plants for home or bulbs for the garden, and crafts and merchandise to keep or give as gifts. Considering the event is kid-friendly, it's an option for a day out with the family.


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