What Is a Cutlery Basket?

Mary Ellen Popolo

A cutlery basket is a container used for holding silverware and other utensils. There are two basic types of cutlery basket, one type is used in the dishwasher to hold silverware while it is cleaned. The other is used to store or transport clean silverware. A cutlery basket is also called a silverware caddy or a utensil caddy.

Many dishwashers have cutlery baskets.
Many dishwashers have cutlery baskets.

A dishwasher basket generally has several compartments for separating the cutlery. Styles of basket vary from one dishwasher to another, and the number of compartments the basket has can range from six to 12. Some styles have one or two sections that are bigger than the rest to accommodate larger items such as serving spoons. Some dishwasher baskets are square while others are rectangular, and some styles have covers over a few of the compartments to keep smaller items in place during dishwashing.


Dishwasher baskets are made of heavy duty plastic and have a mesh-like design which allows the water to flow through the basket and clean the cutlery. Most have handles so that they can be easily removed from the dishwasher, making it easier to unload the clean silverware at the place where it is stored. If replacing the dishwasher basket becomes necessary, it is best to obtain a replacement part from the dishwasher manufacturer to ensure a proper fit. Universal baskets are available, but since they come in different sizes, it is important to measure the space before purchasing one.

Other types of cutlery basket are used for storing and transporting silverware. They can be made from plastic, wood, metal or wire. There are many different sizes, and styles range from plain to fancy. The baskets can be round, square, or rectangular. Regardless of the style, all have chambers for dividing different types of cutlery, and almost all styles have a handle for easily moving the basket from one place to another.

A cutlery basket can be used for storing silverware when kitchen space is unavailable or simply to keep silverware easily accessible. Decorative baskets are available for keeping silverware on display. They can also be used for moving silverware from one place to another: bringing it from the kitchen to the dining room or outside for outdoor dining, entertaining, or picnics. Special outdoor cutlery baskets can be purchased with matching outdoor utensils for people who dine outdoors often.

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