What is a Customer Service Manager?

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A customer service manager is the person who is in charge of customer relations and the personnel who provide it. These professionals can find work in nearly any industry, including retail, manufacturing and utility companies. Many often work in centralized call center environments as well. The satisfaction of customers is normally the manager's top priority. He is often called upon to resolve conflicts involving customer complaints about service or merchandise.

To keep customers happy and encourage them to return, the customer service manager typically trains the staff in good service techniques. The scope of complaints is normally large, so the manager commonly presents various scenarios to the personnel to demonstrate how conflicts can best be resolved. Creative solutions suggested by the staff can frequently result from these role playing sessions.

In a retail setting, accurate processing of purchase transactions normally enhances customer satisfaction. The manager customarily trains the staff in all aspects of cash register operations. He teaches them how to quickly and correctly process cash and check transactions as well as handle credit, debit and gift card purchases.

If the business accepts returns, refunds and exchanges, the customer service manager commonly educates the staff on these procedures as well. He normally explains restrictions and exceptions on these transactions, and he describes the paperwork involved to guarantee compliance with the store’s policies and procedures.


Dealing with irate customers is a common job requirement for a customer service manager. He trains he staff to deal with angry customers or clients in a calm manner and teaches them how to quell an inflamed situation. In extreme cases, the customer service manager will be called upon immediately to handle the problem.

Being aware of promotions and sales is normally considered an important part of good customer service. To make sure his staff is knowledgeable in these areas, the customer service manager normally briefs them on sales and specials. He may also advise the staff on how to creatively cross sell items to increase sales and boost customer approval.

Aside from training his staff in good customer service practices, the customer service manager has a variety of administrative duties. He is typically in charge of personnel scheduling and training new employees. Along with other managers, the customer service manager develops and implements ways to increase profits and reduce losses. Management regularly advises the staff on loss prevention measures. They often explain how loss prevention helps keep prices competitive through reduced overhead.

Customer service management jobs normally require a high school diploma or equivalent. There are sometimes management training programs available at community colleges or through company-offered training initiatives. It is common practice for managers to be promoted from within the operation based on performance and initiative.


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