What is a Customer Service Coordinator?

A customer service coordinator is the primary support for the customer service line staff. He or she is responsible for resolving issues, working with clients and staff to overcome conflict, and to provide quality customer service. This job is typically found in the retail environment, as well as in businesses that sell directly to the customer.

Individuals who enjoy working with a wide range of people, are genuinely interested in providing customer service, and are good at conflict resolution often find the greatest satisfaction as a customer service coordinator. It is important to note that most people who become a coordinator have extensive experience in customer service. This type of experience is more valuable than post-secondary education for this position.

Although formal post-secondary education is not required for this position, many people obtain a degree or diploma in business administration so they will qualify for management positions when they become available. Many retail and customer-oriented businesses provide tuition assistance to staff to help them combine working experience and education. People who are interested can talk to their supervisor about the opportunities available.

There are various methods for resolving problems and conflicts used by the customer service coordinator. These may include defusing the situation, isolating the core issue, and addressing the customer's concerns. These techniques are often taught during customer service training programs offered by employers.

The standards for customer service vary widely by organization. The coordinator is responsible for supervising staff interactions with clients and providing coaching and support. How to manage a client interaction and provide excellent customer service requires constant vigilance. Working with staff is an important part of this role, and providing advice in a way that can be readily accepted by the staff member is critical.

Large organizations typically have a customer service coordinator for every region. The coordinators meet on a regular basis to share information, set standards, define business processes, and identify shared issues. For example, the coordinators can identify issues with the return policy that are causing issues for clients and staff. They can propose a change of policy to senior management, and would usually have the authority required to implement the change.

Promotional opportunities available to people in a coordinator role include administrative management and district or regional customer service coordinator. These positions may require further education or a broader range of experience. People looking to expand their career options should discuss it with their supervisor or human resources department.

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Post 2

Oasis11- I did not know that about AAA. I just wanted to add that for those seeking a career in customer service there are opportunities everywhere. Not everyone is equipped to service customers which are why some people leave the position.

But if you do like to service customers you can work in the restaurant business as a waiter, in a bank as a teller, in retail store as a sale clerk, or any service related business like a travel agency or a call center as a representative.

The choices are endless, and if you perform well you can always be promoted to a customer service coordinator position which may lead to a management position as well.

Post 1

Excellent article- I just want to add that at AAA many of the customer service coordinators were promoted from within. They usually start as road side counselors and then move up to a coordinator position once they have proven themselves.

The customer service coordinators at AAA need to have extra empathy because most of the members that are irate are irate because of their circumstances and often take this anger out on the coordinator.

Most of these members are broken down in snowstorms which can be really stressful. A good customer service coordinator lets the customer vent a little so he can fully understand the conflict from the customer’s point of view.

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