What is a Customer Profile?

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Customer profiles are detailed descriptions of each client of a business enterprise. Profiles of this type are sometimes developed prior to the establishment of a working relationship between the two entities, allowing sales personnel to identify and address specific needs and wants of the customer during the sales process. Once the client is formally a customer of the business, additional details are added to the customer profile, making it easier for the business to build a long and enduring relationship with each client.

Building and maintaining a customer profile makes it easier for the business to build a long and enduring relationship with the client.
Building and maintaining a customer profile makes it easier for the business to build a long and enduring relationship with the client.

A basic customer profile, as it relates to targeting a specific company as a client, will include essential information regarding the name of the business, the addresses and contact information for its corporate headquarters. A profile will also include the names of key officers and managers, as well as any other employees who are considered decision-makers. The profile will often include data regarding the industry type of the customer, and at least some data regarding the financial status of the business. All this information can be invaluable to salespeople as they seek to find ways to reach the right people within an organization, initiate contacts, cultivate interest, and ultimately earn the business of the prospective customer.

Once the basic relationship is established with the client, the customer profile is often expanded to include other data that is relevant to maintaining and enhancing the rapport between the two entities. The exact nature of the data will often depend on the type of industry that the customer is associated with, the structure of the business operation of the client, and the internal culture that the customer maintains. For example, the vendor may locate and retain information regarding the birthdays of each of the major contacts within the client company and add that data to the customer profile, making it possible to recognize those events in any manner that is deemed appropriate by the customer.

One of the best ways to ensure that a customer profile remains a valuable tool is to update the information on a regular basis. This means securing published information regarding the current financial status of the client, noting any changes regarding ownership, key officers, and main contacts, and staying abreast of any new projects, such as the launch of a new product line, that the customer is preparing to initiate. Data of this type increases the chances of anticipating client needs, cultivating rapport with new members of the organization in a timely manner, and possibly enhancing the overall relationship that already exists between client and supplier.

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BrickBack-A customer profile survey can also be the Nielsen Ratings. The Nielsen Ratings determine the specific age group that is most likely to view a television program.

In addition, it provides information regarding the genders and income level for most programming. This is important because advertisers can target their products to the demographics that match the same demographics of the programs.

This makes it more likely that the target market of the advertiser would see the advertisement and thus make it more effective and likely that the customer might purchase the product.

For example, if your product warrants mass appeal then you would want to target the television spots during the shows that receive the highest ratings. These television spots are the most costly and generally cost several hundred thousand dollars for a thirty second spot.


Sneakers41-Customer retention is necessary in order to remain in business for a while. Making sure that your customers are happy, especially those that have remained loyal to your business.

A sample customer profile might include the zip code, in order to tell you which area of town your customers are coming from.

It will also include the income level of the customer. The customer profile management will allow you to simplify your message and zero in on what similar customers would want.


A marketing customer profile is necessary in order to determine how best to serve this customer in the future.

Maintaining information on customer demographics from a customer profile survey is important so that you can learn who your customers are and what they like and how to target your future advertising.

When conducting a customer profile analysis you can look at income, gender, zip code and age group in order to determine which your key customers are.

A customer survey can also tell you what you need to change and improve in order to provide better service. Paying attention to customer profiles will allow you to enhance the overall customer experience.

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