What is a Cushion Hairbrush?

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Choosing the best hair brush for one's particular hair type may not be as easy as it seems. A hair brush does much more that just “brushing” the hair. An ideal brush will gently massage the scalp and help improve blood circulation, spread the natural oils that are released from the sebaceous glands in the scalp, detangle the hair, help smooth out the frizz, all while not causing structural damage to the scalp, hair shaft or the roots.

There is a wide variety of hairbrushes available on the market for a variety of needs. A cushion hairbrush is a specially designed hair brush with rounded bristles. Those bristles are attached to the base of the brush which has an air-filled, rubber cushion.

Cushion hairbrushes are recommended for medium to long hair that is prone to tangling and breakage. The air-filled cushion conforms to the shape of the scalp and “absorbs” any shock that may arise out of harsh or intensive brushing. Cushion hairbrushes are therefore meant to be used on delicate hair that needs gentle styling.

A cushion hairbrush works well on wavy, medium length hair, as well. The end result of styling will ultimately depend upon the width (or area) of the cushion base. A broader cushion base will result in more straightening while a smaller base will result in more curls.


Individuals with very fine or limp hair may also use a cushion hairbrush to pump up volume and add some bounce to the hair by a process known as back combing. Back combing involves flipping the hair upside down in front of the face and sweeping the brush from the roots to the tip. This helps trap air in the spaces between the hair strands and makes hair appear more voluminous.

Most cushion hairbrushes will have bristles with a rounded top that look something like a droplet sitting on the tip of the bristle. These droplets aid in gentle but effective massaging without scraping the skin off your scalp.

Several tips can help you make the best out of your cushion hairbrush. Never use a cushion hairbrush on just-washed or wet hair as it will cause more damage and breakage. Also, keep your cushion hairbrush clean by soaking it in warm soapy water and rinsing the dirt off the bristles with an old toothbrush. Changing your hairbrush when you notice signs of damage like topless bristles, a frayed cushion, or a tattered hairbrush will only damage your hair. Finally, brush your hair every day but not for too long as too much brushing can cause damage to the cuticle and split ends.


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