What Is a Cruise to Nowhere?

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A cruise to nowhere is a ship journey which does not have any destination, but rather allows passengers the experience of staying in a resort-at-sea. During this type of cruise, which normally lasts between one and three days, passengers generally have access to all of the onboard amenities provided by a traditional cruise. This type of cruise is often significantly cheaper than a cruise with one or more stops, and can allow passengers to get a sense of what a cruise is like without committing to a long or expensive trip. On the downside, this type of cruise may not be widely offered, and certain passengers may dislike being unable to leave a ship for the entire duration of a cruise.

In most cases, a cruise to nowhere is shorter in duration than a traditional cruise. Most of these cruises span from one to three nights. During this period, the cruise ship leaves its port, sails on an ocean or a river, and then returns to its port.


The general intention of a cruise to nowhere is to give passengers the experience of staying in a floating resort. Passengers usually have access to a wide range of onboard amenities, such as various restaurants, pools, health spas, casinos, theaters, and so forth. Rather than leaving the ship for shore excursions, passengers remain onboard for the duration of their cruise, and occupy themselves by using these amenities. They sleep in cabins or staterooms which vary in size and comfort based on the cruise package they have purchased.

Some attributes of this type of cruise may lead certain travelers to regard it as superior to traditional cruises. First of all, in many cases, a cruise to nowhere is significantly less costly than a regular cruise. Secondly, it allows those considering longer cruises to get an idea of what they are like before committing to them. Additionally, these cruises can serve as weekend getaways, whereas traditional cruises can last for a week or longer.

On the other hand, cruises to nowhere are generally offered only at a handful of ports, possibly making them impractical for those who do not live within a reasonable distance from a departure point. Further, they may only be offered a handful of times each year, and thus may not fit a prospective passenger’s schedule. Finally, some passengers may find that their inability to leave their ship leaves them feeling bored or even claustrophobic.


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Post 4

Can anyone suggest me some good nowhere cruises starting from New York/Boston?

Post 3

I have friends who have gotten together and all booked cabins on cruises to nowhere for a birthday party, bachelor party or other social gathering. It's easier than planning and pulling off a big party on shore, and the prices for the actual cruise are reasonable. Of course, drinking and gambling can break the budget, but those activities are optional.

Also, one of the fraternities at my college used to have their frat parties on these cruises after they were banned from having parties on campus. I never attended one, but I have heard that the ship provided a great atmosphere.

Post 2

I like the idea of the cruise to nowhere because when I go on a regular cruise I seldom get off the ship anyway. Because of this, where the ship sails doesn't really concern me. I only want to relax, watch the water and soak up the sun.

However, my entire family likes to cruise, children included. We have found that the cruises to nowhere are virtually just one big party with a lot of drinking and gambling. For this reason, I think the cruises to nowhere are most often better left for the adults.

Post 1

Do you know why cruises to nowhere that originate in the United States usually sail into international water? The reason is that most of the ships have casinos and in order for the gambling to be legal the ship must enter into international waters.

I find this interesting because it never occurred to me, and I always used to think that the ship could just sail in circles along the coast and save the trouble of going farther out to sea.

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