What is a Creatine Cycle?

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The creatine cycle is a process used by many bodybuilders as a way to increase the effectiveness of the supplement. The first stage of the cycle is known as the loading phase. The next stage of the creatine cycle is referred to as the maintenance phase and the last part is referred to as the "no creatine" phase.

Creatine is a supplement used to promote muscle growth in those who are exercising. It is designed to help muscles recover quicker after a workout and therefore, help them get bigger. Creatine has been used successfully by many bodybuilders and casual athletes.

The reason a creatine cycle was created was to eliminate the possibility of the human body getting used to the supplement. Many individuals who have taken creatine have found that after a certain amount of time, the body stops responding to the supplement. By using a creatine cycle, this problem can be avoided and muscle gains can continue over the long term. The purpose of the creatine cycle is to keep the body guessing and prevent it from growing accustomed to the supplement.


The first part of the creatine cycle is the loading phase. During this portion of the cycle, bodybuilders will take a great deal of creatine within a short period of time. Every cycle is going to be different, but in most cases, individuals will stay in this stage for one to two weeks. During this portion of the process, approximately 20 g per day of creatine will be consumed.

The next part of the process is known as the maintenance phase. During this portion of the creatine cycle, an individual will not take as much creatine as he or she did in the loading phase. This portion of the process is simply to maintain what was started during the loading phase. This part of the process will last for approximately three weeks and the individual should take about 10 g per day of creatine.

The last portion of the creatine cycle involves completely eliminating use of the supplement. During this portion of the cycle, the individual will refrain from taking creatine of any kind. Generally, the individual will refrain from taking creatine for another three to four weeks. After this portion of the process, the body will be used to not taking creatine and he or she can start with the loading phase again.


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