What Is a Cream Cracker?

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A cream cracker is a mildly flavored biscuit often eaten with cheese or butter. Creams crackers are widely eaten in Britain, and many different brands are available in shops. Cream is an important part of the recipe for cream crackers, serving as the liquid used to make the dough, and when cooked they become brittle. The name cream cracker is derived from the inclusion of cream and the ease with which these biscuits crack.

Crackers are a type of biscuit that are extremely brittle. They can be made with many different flavors, and one of the most common is cream. This gives the cracker a very mild flavor, perfect for combining with toppings such as cheese or different types of spread. Most crackers are square, but they could be made into any shape. The outer sides of crackers are generally golden-brown, and some parts of it tend to bubble up during the baking process, leaving a lumpy appearance.

To make a cream cracker, or a batch of cream crackers, bakers use a few key ingredients. The basic recipe includes cake flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and cream. These ingredients are combined to form dough, which is then laid out flat and cut into pieces before being baked. The crackers are then cooked for around eight minutes on each side before being taken out to cool. Wheat flour can also be used in place of cake flour in some cream cracker recipes.


A common way to eat a cream cracker is to lay some cheese on top of it. Cream crackers can be presented after a meal with a selection of cheeses from which to choose. The combination of cheese and crackers works because the cream cracker has such a mild flavor, and its crunchy texture is complemented well by the softness of the cheese. Red wine or ruby port can be served as the accompanying drink.

Cream crackers can also be eaten with a variety of other toppings, such as butter or jam. These are common toppings, but virtually anything would be suitable. Some people eat cream crackers with no topping, but this can leave them with a very dry mouth.


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