What Is a Couples Resort?

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A couples resort offers a full range of amenities and activities for adults only, usually centered on one major attraction or theme. The resort might offer special honeymoon packages or cater to couples who want to reconnect and spice up their relationship. A couples resort might be linked with golf, skiing, the beach, or a spa experience. Rooms at a couples resort typically focus on romance, with some offering whirlpool tubs in the room.

To be considered a couples resort, a property must have at least once signature amenity and several other available activities, as defined by the resort industry. A resort could be located on the beach, in the mountains, near ski slopes, or adjacent to several golf courses. Food and beverages are typically available on site, with recreation or leisure activities nearby.

Some resorts base services on the destination. These businesses provide everything the couple needs on site. Shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing options are typically close. A destination resort commonly uses natural geographic attractions to lure visitors. These vacations might be all-inclusive, meaning the couple pays one price for lodging and dining.

An intermediate resort might be isolated, with limited activities. These resorts typically offer access to major attractions offsite. This type of couples resort might be sought out by people who prefer leisure and relaxation to planned activities. The couple might enjoy a massage or sunset boat ride to enhance their experience.


A specialized couples resort typically defines a smaller property offering a retreat experience. The resort and its amenities become the main attraction, instead of outside activities. It might focus on spa treatments that promote health, fitness, or beauty. This form of couples resort usually offers a serene location where guests can relax without the distractions of daily life.

Honeymoon packages might represent a major advertising strategy for a resort. This type of all-inclusive resort usually touts a romantic location, which may provide direct access to a private beach or lakefront. An exclusive couples resort might focus on privacy, with luxurious bedding and room d├ęcor. Room service, which might include a champagne breakfast in bed, represents typical amenities of a honeymoon resort property.

Resorts differ from hotels because they offer amenities on the property, and other recreation, entertainment, and dining options in the region. Activities might be planned or unstructured, depending on what appeals to individual couples. They might book time at a dude ranch, tennis resort, casino resort, or one with educational activities, such as golf or ski lessons.


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Post 2

My parent's went to a couple's resort in the Smoky Mountain's region of Tennessee on their honeymoon, which was over thirty years ago, and they are still talking about how nice it was to this day, so it must have been nice.

My brother and his wife went to a couple's resort in Cozumel, Mexico on their honeymoon. They have awesome pictures from their trip and they plan to go back for their ten year anniversary, in a few years.

I haven't heard any bad couples resort stories, so it seems like it would be a fun and well-spent trip. But as with anything, everyone should remember you get what you pay for.

I am sure occasionally

people can get lucky and find a really great deal on a great couples' resort, but for the most part, if a place seems too good to be true by the price, it probably is.

The more you spend on a couples resort, the more chance you have of having a good time. When you pay more, you get more, usually. I would recommend going to the different couples resorts sites online and see their reviews, that can give you a lot better insight than from the company itself.

Post 1

This couple's resort makes me want to get married and go on a honeymoon right away. Of course I would not marry anyone to go on a honeymoon, but this does seem like a bonus to the marriage.

If I were to pick a couples resort right now, I think I would pick either one that was really romantic and relaxing, like a spa resort on a secluded beach, or one that was really active and adventurous, like a place in the mountains where you could hike and enjoy the outdoors.

I think it is good that some couples resorts offer all-inclusive packages, as that way you know exactly how much money you are going to spend, and there will not be any negative money surprises. I think one of the things that can ruin a vacation quickly is when you have to pay a lot of unexpected, maybe even hidden, fees.

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