What is a Corner Shower?

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Corner showers are shower stalls that are constructed to fit into a corner of the bathroom. The basic design of a corner shower is normally triangular shaped, with the entry to the stall facing into the room. A corner shower is an excellent way to maximize the use of space in a small bathroom or to add a shower to a larger bathroom while still allowing the bathtub to remain within the space.

While a corner shower is not usually considered one of the more attractive types of showers, there is no doubt that a shower stall of this type is extremely functional. Motel chains that wish to conserve space sometimes choose to go with a corner shower rather than a tub and shower combination that usually must run from one wall to another and may take up a significant amount of floor space in the small bathroom. In like manner, homeowners who wish to install a second bathroom that is fully functional often find a corner shower is an ideal solution, since the installation and materials costs are significantly lower than installing a tub and shower combination.


A basic corner shower is a simple stall constructed with fiberglass. The prefabricated structure usually comes with holes for plumbing fixtures and a drain already in place. Rather than make use of a sliding door, the entry to a corner shower is usually constructed to swing into the room and may secure with the use of a latch or a series of magnets that create a water resistant seal when the door is closed. Plexiglas or clear fiberglass is often used for the door side of the stall, allowing more natural light to enter the corner shower.

In most homes, corner shower installation is not a difficult task. As long as the drain and holes for the plumbing fixtures can be lined up properly, a corner shower can usually be installed in little more than an hour. Depending on the design of the shower stall, it is often a matter of sliding the unit into place, attaching the fixtures, making sure the drain is connected properly, and grouting the ceiling, wall, and floor areas where the prefabricated stall touches the construction. However, if there is a need to adapt the plumbing or use some sort of attachment to align the stall with an existing drain, the process can take several additional hours.

Various types of corner shower stalls and kits can be purchased at most home stores. There are several sizes available, making it possible to find a unit that is the right size for even the smallest of bathrooms. The kits may be required in order to handle minor plumbing issues. Most manufacturers include installation instructions, including a list of materials, along with the packaging for the shower stall.


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