What is a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

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Cordless vacuums are vacuum cleaners designed to operate using a battery pack rather than using a cord plugged into a wall outlet as a power source. Most models of the cordless vacuum cleaner come with a charging station that makes it possible to recharge the batteries in between uses. In addition, a cordless vacuum is normally lightweight and relatively easy to manage.

There are several advantages to using a cordless vacuum cleaner. The most obvious is that the user does not have to deal with a long cord while attempting to clean an area. There is no cord to wrap around table legs or to get underfoot while vacuuming a floor, area rug, or carpeting. This simple convenience can actually speed up the cleaning process, since it is unnecessary to stop and untangle or otherwise move the vacuum cord out of the way.

Another benefit to the cordless vacuum cleaner is that most models are also bagless. Rather than using a conventional vacuum bag that must be disposed of when it is full, the cordless vacuum makes use of a detachable collection chamber. When filled to capacity, the chamber is removed from the main unit and the contents dumped into the trash. Eliminating the need for replacement bags will help save a great deal of money over the life of the cordless vacuum cleaner.


Many people enjoy using a wireless vacuum because the device is generally much lighter in weight than corded vacuums. Some vacuum cleaners are large, bulky, and hard to move around. By contrast, most cordless or wireless vacuums are sleek in design and weigh less than half of a standard corded model. For people without much upper body strength, this one characteristic is often enough to prompt the purchase of the cleaner.

Not everyone is a fan of the cordless vacuum cleaner. There are consumers who claim that the cleaners do not have the power of traditional vacuums and as such are not suitable for homes or offices where there is a lot of traffic on heavy carpeting. Others question the durability of the cordless cleaners, claiming they do not wear as well as the corded versions.

Proponents of the cordless vacuum cleaner note that many models are capable of dealing with any type of carpeting, as well as adjusting for rugs and even bare floors. They note there is little to no difference in suction power between a high quality corded vacuum and a cordless model. As for durability, fans of the cordless vacuum note that models that have been out for the better part of a decade are still in active use.

As with many products, deciding if a cordless vacuum cleaner is the best option rests with the individual consumer. If the benefits of the device are very attractive to the person who will operate the cleaner and the model has sufficient power to handle the flooring and carpeting within the home or office, then purchasing a cordless model is a good option.


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Post 3

I think it's great that the cordless vacuum cleaners do not have a bag. I have this feature on my vacuum cleaner even though it does have the nagging cord. Not only is the dust and dirt easy to dispose of without the bag, but you can also see it building up in the see through plastic container. This way you can see how well the cleaner is working and how badly the carpet needed cleaning.

Post 2

@Animandel - Don't spend time worrying about what other consumers said about the cordless vacuums not doing the job for them. There could be any number of reasons they didn't like the vacuum cleaners.

Many people sacrifice on quality to save a few dollars. The best thing you can do is find reviews for a particular cordless vacuum cleaner and let that help you make a decision. You'll also want to find a quality machine. It doesn't have to be the most expensive, but remember you get what you pay for.

Post 1

Anyone who has ever used a vacuum cleaner with any regularity can certainly relate to the second paragraph in this article where it talks about using a vacuum cleaner and having that long cord in the way at every turn. Sometimes I feel like I plug and unplug (changing outlets) the vacuum twenty times in an effort to keep the cord mostly out of the way.

A cordless vacuum cleaner would definitely save time, and every minute means a lot when you are always short on time. However, I would be concerned that these cordless vacuums might not have enough power to thoroughly clean my carpet based on what the article says about them not working as well on

heavily used carpets.

The part about them not being as durable also concerns me. I use the vacuum often and I don't want to have to buy a new one before I am ready because the old one wore out too quickly.

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