What is a Copper Peptide?

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Copper peptide is an antioxidant compound often used to promote skin health and slow the signs of aging. This chemical compound typically occurs when the mineral copper combines, on a molecular level, with incomplete proteins known as peptides. Evidence suggests that copper peptide may be capable of promoting collagen formation within the skin, to keep skin supple, firm, and youthful in appearance. Copper peptide may also be able to help strengthen skin, and improve circulation to the skin. When used as part of a complete skin care regimen, copper peptide may be very effective at slowing the signs of aging.

Some studies suggest that the topical application of copper peptide can raise collagen production in the skin by up to 70 percent. Some believe that this makes copper peptide even more effective than tretinoin or vitamin C for increasing collagen production in the skin. Copper peptide may also help to raise elastin production in the skin. Collagen and elastin are believed to be primarily responsible for helping skin retain its youthful firmness and elasticity. Dermatologists believe that, as skin ages, it naturally begins to produce less collagen and elastin, contributing to sagging, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.


The regular use of copper peptide may also help to strengthen skin. Early studies of copper peptides in the 1970s found that these chemical compounds could help support and speed skin healing. Some believe that topical application of copper peptides can strengthen the intercellular bonds of the skin, to help prevent skin damage from sun exposure, harsh soaps, and other irritants.

Copper peptides are believed to be very beneficial for helping skin to recover from anti-aging treatments, such as chemical peeling and laser resurfacing, that generally remove the upper layers of the skin's surface. Copper peptides can help the skin produce the right number of healthy new cells. They can reduce inflammation after a skin resurfacing procedure, and they may be capable of preventing oxidation damage to the new skin.

Most dermatologists do not recommend giving up other skin care treatments in favor of copper peptides alone. More traditional topical treatments, such as vitamin C and vitamin A, can also have their benefits. It is, however, generally believed that adding copper peptides to a skin care routine can help to make that regimen far more effective.


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