What is a Coordinator Position?

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A coordinator position is a job in which the employee brings together all aspects of a production or project. Coordinators work in mostly medium to large businesses. A coordinator position is often at the intermediate management level, such as one or two steps up from a supervisory capacity. Coordinators work in many different industries and fields. Sales, marketing, events, health and administrative are some of the most common types of coordinator positions.

An administrative coordinator is a supporting position in a team environment. Administrative coordinators must also be able to work independently and manage a computer database. A strong ability to recognize and attend to priorities is especially crucial, as an administrative coordinator position involves working on many project details at once. Some administrative coordinators travel on business trips to attend to meeting details.

Health coordinator positions usually require an ability to access computer medical records. Basic medical terminology and/or a vocational diploma may also be required for health coordinator jobs. Health unit coordinators work in hospital communications environments and require an understanding of the legal aspects of medical care. Health forms must be coordinated between different hospital departments. In some American states, a health unit coordinator may require a certificate by the National Association of Health Unit Coordinators.


Events coordinators could work on a short-term per project contract basis. They may also work full time handling many different types of events. Training staff for specific duties during the events may be part of an event coordinator's job. An event coordinator is usually responsible for all event details such as securing a site, parking, seating, set up and communicating with marketing for advertising materials. Event coordinators may be required to first write up initial plans to be approved by their managers.

A marketing coordinator position often includes meeting with different department heads to coordinate a company's promotional and product materials. Marketing coordinators may also need to keep track of project details including the budget. Planning for trade shows and publicity events are tasks that are often the responsibility of a marketing coordinator. A marketing diploma and fundraising experience are usually preferred for candidates interested in promotional types of coordinator positions.

General sales coordinators may report to a director or manager. National sales coordinators usually have more responsibility as well as experience. Communication and problem-solving skills are crucial for a sales coordinator position. Most employers looking for sales coordinators expect proven sales ability as well as leadership skills.


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Post 5

I am an Engineering Coordinator in a hotel group. It is similar to administrative coordinator. I need to know what will be my next higher post in general?

Post 4

SauteePan - That is really true. No one wants to check into a hotel when the front desk coordinator is having a bad day.

I just wanted to add that I had a volunteer coordinator position many times with Hands on Miami which is a branch of the United Way that helps multiple charities.

The volunteer coordinator would get assigned a volunteer project and then would call all of the people on the list that stated that they were interested in the project and prepare them for the day of the project.

You had to make sure they had directions to the locations and had any special instructions that pertained to that project.

You also had to

make sure that everyone showed up the day of the event. It was really a lot of fun and it was not very time consuming. You had to go to an orientation meeting first to become a volunteer and then after a few months of volunteering you had to go to another orientation to become a volunteer coordinator.
Post 3

Sunshine31 - I totally agree. I think that if you are interested in a hospitality field you should work as a front desk coordinator to see if you enjoy the work.

As a front desk coordinator you will be checking in customers and settling their bills at check out. You also have to develop an excellent rapport with your customers and make sure that they have everything that they need to make their stay comfortable.

You may want to offer a map of the property and let your guests know where the pools and gym areas are before they ask you.

If there is a problem with the room, you definitely want to follow up with that guest to ensure that everything is okay. I think to have a job like this you really have to like working with people and be somewhat extroverted. It is a great way to learn the ins and outs of the hospitality business.

Post 2

Bhutan - Wow, that sounds like a really fun job. My sister-in-law was working on the architectural project in New York as a Project Manager for a memorial project for the World Trade Center and she had several project coordinators involved in many different aspects of the job.

She had to manage a lot of people but really preferred to work on actual design work because she prefers the creative nature of the business.

I think that a project coordinator position allows you the opportunity to see what a field is like without having so much management responsibility.

This is often ideal because you may decide that you love the line of work and want to press on or you may find that you would like to specialize in a different aspect of the field. It really offers you exposure without too much risk.

Post 1

When I was younger, I was an Account Coordinator for Clinique. I reported to the Account Executive and had a territory that consisted of the southeastern and southwestern Florida.

It was a really fun job because I visited each of the counters in my territory and had to give sales coaching tips in order to increase the market share of each of the doors.

This position can also lead to an Account Executive position or an Education Manager position which performs the training seminars for all of the consultants.

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