What is a Console Table?

Sherry Holetzky

A console table is a table that sits up against a wall or, in some cases, may even be attached the wall. These tables can come in many different shapes and styles. One may be used as an accent table for displaying accessories or other decorative items, or hold a small lamp in an area that needs additional lighting, such as a hallway or entryway.

A console table is a table that either sits up against a wall or is attached to a wall.
A console table is a table that either sits up against a wall or is attached to a wall.

Many people use console tables in entryways, not only as a way to add style and interest, but also for functional purposes. One can be ideal for setting down mail, keys, a handbag, and other small items as a homeowner walks through the door. It can also be used to place things near the door that someone might want to take along when he or she leaves, so they won't be forgotten. Many people also place a mirror above the table so that individuals can check their appearance as they arrive or leave.

Some of these tables have only one or two legs in the front, and therefore must be secured to the wall. The table itself may be long or short, and the top can be round, square, or rectangular, but it is generally quite narrow. Other styles are self-standing and may be placed against a wall, used alone, or placed behind a sofa or loveseat. As a sofa table, it is generally topped with lighting, greenery, candles, or a few tall accessories to add height to that area or to create a visual division between spaces.

Console tables can be very versatile. Aside from the uses mentioned above, one could be used in a dining room as a small sideboard or serving table. It could serve as a built-in vanity in a small bedroom or even a desk in a small home office.

People can make their own tables by cutting a round table in half and placing the flat edge against the wall. The table must be attached to the wall studs in order to secure it. Half-round tables can also be purchased in many stores, since this is a popular style.

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