What is a Concrete Saw?

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A concrete saw is a power tool designed for cutting through concrete and other masonry material. A concrete saw utilizes hand-held operation or walk-behind, similar to a tiller. Like many other varieties of power saws, a concrete saw can have a chain, circular, or jig blade. Powered by electricity, gasoline, air, or hydraulics, a concrete saw uses either abrasive or diamond blade cutting technology and is designed for either dry or wet sawing. The primary difference between a concrete saw and a standard power saw is its ability to withstand the heat from intense friction and cool down rapidly. This is typically achieved with well-designed air flow.

There are a number of applications for a concrete saw. Brick, concrete, and cement can be cut out for repair, demolition, or modification. Most concrete saws will also cut through rebar. Construction contractors use concrete saws for a number of commercial applications where concrete or masonry is involved and road repair crews use concrete saws for cutting out asphalt for repair or replacement. A concrete saw is also useful for smaller home renovations such as driveway, retaining wall, and patio repair or replacement.


Concrete saws are manufactured in a variety of sizes and powers and are designed to cut in different ways. The use of one type of concrete saw over another depends largely on the application. Depending on the volume of concrete to be cut, an operator may choose a hydraulic concrete saw over a gasoline powered saw because they are more powerful and will cut faster.

Though a concrete saw is a useful power tool, most are heavy tools with heavy duty cutting capacities. Inexperienced operators should use caution when wielding a concrete saw for the first time. Novice operators may want to consider using an electric or gasoline powered concrete saw or hiring a masonry professional.


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