What Is a Concrete Backyard?

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A concrete backyard is an expansive outdoor area — usually a patio — that has a concrete foundation. This area is often used for outdoor living and contains outdoor décor objects such as furniture, cooking equipment and water fixtures. These house extensions are durable and cost-efficient options for many homeowners.

Concrete backyards merge the typical patio with concrete construction. A patio is a designated outdoor area that contains elements of a home’s living space. When this area is paved with concrete, a concrete backyard is the result. Concrete itself is a common building material that is composed of materials such as crushed rocks and cement. It is a hardy product that has a generally grayish appearance.

A concrete backyard is one prominent option for outdoor living. Many activities can be undertaken by adding backyard furnishings and equipment. A common centerpiece of a concrete backyard is a sitting area complete with lounge chairs or other forms of comfortable outdoor décor designed for lounging and entertaining. In addition, kitchen appliances and equipment such as grills are often installed in these areas so that entertainment options are maximized. Concrete backyards can afford individuals all of the living and entertainment options that they enjoy in a typical home space, ranging from reading to napping.


Various features can be added to a concrete backyard or patio to make the area a true extension of the house. The concrete itself might be purchased in different colors or in stained varieties so that the floor color outside resembles inner floor coverings or exterior house applications. Engravings that emulate materials such as brick are also available.

Other design options can enhance the aesthetic appearance of the concrete backyard. Water fountains are one popular additive for these areas because they allow the smaller water fixtures found in many homes to be displayed on a grander level. Fireplaces are other possible attractive additions to outdoor living spaces. Plants and artistic creations might further add elements of an owner’s unique style.

People choose to have concrete backyards for many reasons. Primarily, the area can bolster an otherwise sparse and mundane backyard’s appearance, particularly in areas where there are few or no traditional grass backyards. Concrete is a versatile material, so specific design options are numerous as well. The durability of the material also better ensures that the outdoor area will endure various climates and last for many years. For people who are on a budget, concrete further serves as a more viable option in comparison with costly backyard design materials such as stone or brick.


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