What is a Computer Tutor?

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A computer tutor is an individual who teaches clients how to use their computers, work with software and navigate the Internet. Computer tutors might also be consulted for support regarding computer-related devices. Clients can include anyone from the novice computer user to business owners or their employees. Computer tutoring usually is classified as a home-based business, even though much of the tutoring will occur at the client's home or location of business.

Many of a computer tutor's responsibilities will require that the tutor travel to where the client's computer or device is located, but support also can be given remotely. For example, computer tutors can set up websites that allow clients to submit tickets for computer-related issues, or they can create interactive tutorials that let clients learn how to use computers or programs at their own pace. A computer tutor might also provide advice over the phone.

When a computer tutor is called upon by an individual, the tutor often is paid to help the client learn about standard programs such as word processors or spreadsheet software. However, if a business requests the computer tutor's services, he or she might be asked to help tutor people on more advanced software such as database programs or those that facilitate computer programming. Web design might be an area that the tutor is expected to be fluent in, even though it generally is considered to be outside the scope of his or her responsibilities.


Computer and Internet technology is always evolving, so a computer tutor must always be aware of the latest trends and new products that hit the market. Computer tutors should take time to become familiar with upgrades, even if they do not personally choose to use the new advancements. Computer tutors might buy copies of programs as soon as they are released so that they can master the program before a client calls and requests tutoring for it.

A computer tutor also should be aware that he or she might be called to help with computer-related devices. Clients who use advanced cell phones, MP3 players or other types of computer peripherals might request tutoring services. In many cases, a computer tutor can act as technical support for these types of devices, as well.

Those who make money as computer tutors often have the luxury of setting their own hourly rates. Computer tutoring requires specialized knowledge, so it's not uncommon for a computer tutor to make anywhere from $25 US Dollars to $100 US Dollars per hour worked. In addition, the demand for computer tutoring is high enough that anyone with the desire to find clients and remain apprised of new computer technology can make the endeavor a full-time job.


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