What is a Computer Crime?

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A computer crime is any unlawful activity that is done using a computer. This definition can extend to traditional crimes that are committed with the machine, such as counterfeiting money, but it also includes more tech-savvy crimes, such as phishing or logic bombs. Using a computer in this way, a criminal may be able to conduct unlawful activity with more anonymity and may be able to get away with more before he is caught.

Stalking, soliciting sex, and counterfeiting can all be considered computer crimes if a computer is used to commit them. These crimes can be committed with or without a computer, but they are only considered when the computer is used in the process of committing them. For example, if a criminal uses a graphic design program to counterfeit money, it could fall under this category, as would a person who cyberstalks another by using a computer to harass them.


Many times, when a person thinks of this sort of crime, he thinks of the damage that can be caused by unauthorized access to a computer by a remote user, known as a hacker. These types of crimes can be costly and damaging, and hackers who have access to computers can change, delete, copy, or damage data. For instance, should a hacker get access to a personal computer, he may have access to bank accounts and credit card numbers. If the target computer belongs to a major company or a bank, company secrets as well as worker or customer personal information could be at risk.

Another devastating type of computer crime is a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack. In this type of attack, a hacker may first take control of several people's computers using a type of malware. Then the hacker sends a message to so-called zombie computers to send almost continuous requests to a view a target Web site. The Web site's server can only handle so many inquiries at once, so it either crashes or denies service to legitimate people trying to access the page. As a result, this attack can cause trouble for both the owner of the site and the person trying to view it.

A DDOS attack crippled Web sites such as Yahoo, Amazon, e-bay, and CNN in February 2000. Though the servers were not attacked directly, the attacker was able to take control of several other computers that may not have had proper protection. Attacks such as this highlight how important it is to keep all computers shielded from computer crime. As many hackers use malware to commit this type of crime, a good sercurity software can be invaluable in protecting a computer. In addition, a proper firewall can also help keep hackers from accessing computers without authorization.


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Post 4

When people think of computer crime they usually think of electronic data theft, identity theft, and Internet piracy. But quite literally, computer theft can be as simple as someone stealing a computer. These types of computer crimes while they are physical are definitely crimes of the computer sense. Computer crime forensics have taken leaps and bounds in the ability to investigate such problems. Often computer crime investigators will use specialized software to identify when they had issues with stolen equipment.

Tracking software can be installed onto a computer so if it is stolen it can be activated from a remote location. This type of software can aid a lease in the recovery of stolen equipment as well as the

apprehension of computer crime fiefs. There's an entire new area of law that has opened up because of computer crime. Computer crime research makes up a large part of the security industry on the Internet, and for good reason. With more more of our vital information making its waste to the Internet, we must ensure its protection from harmful hands.
Post 3

There are so many different types of computer crimes but I think one of the biggest one that is overlooked is the simple invasion of privacy that people have. By logging into somebody else's personal account you are committing a crime. Personal privacy laws allow for protection of consumers from other private entities. When you access a friends account without asking them or without their permission, it may seem harmless, but you are truly committing a computer crime that can cause acute a true computer crime investigation. FBI computer crime preventions techniques have and implemented to ensure the safety of citizens private electronic data.

Post 2

Because of the amount of crime that is happening on the Internet, I have actually found a really good method that is effective for contacting some of my credit card accounts from theft. While most credit card companies have made available excellent policies to protect your financial resources from wrongdoing, there is still an extra layer of benefit and safety that can come from having a separate account to make Internet purchases.

What I'm suggesting, is that you actually get a separate credit card account to make your Internet purchases. By doing this you will completely separate your major accounts as well as the connectivity to your bank account that can open yourself up to identity theft and financial loss. It is important to ensure your safety on the Internet and having a separate credit card for e-commerce can be one excellent way of doing so.

Post 1

With the advent of the Internet, computer crime has become rampant. Because of the ease of access to different types of information some legal and some illicit, computer thieves and pirates have been able to take over the inter-webs. While this may seem fearful, luckily it is less fearful than actual crime on the streets. There is one exception to computer crime that absolutely scares me however.

Identity theft is a major issue that is occurring in the United States and around the world. With so much vital information now being implemented into servers and accounts across the Internet and on different computer networks, your sensitive data has been opened up and made available to attacks by computer hackers and identity thieves.

While there are many options on how to protect yourself, the best ways to avoid using your personal data on the Internet unless it is absolutely necessary.

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