What is a Computer Armoire?

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A computer armoire is a large cabinet with doors that contains a desk equipped to house a computer and its peripherals. Generally, a computer armoire closes with two or four hinged or bifold doors to hide the computer and desk area, keep out dust, and provide the impression of simply being a cabinet.

The computer armoire is a practical furniture piece which provides efficient use of space. It contains holes to accommodate the computer cords and wires and often provides a slide-out keyboard tray. As a complete work station, all computer armoires contain space for a CPU, monitor, and printer, and some are divided into compartments. Most will accommodate either a tower or horizontal CPU.

A writing surface, which may or may not slide out, is a common feature of the computer armoire. In an armoire with a fixed writing surface, it is simple to hide a messy work area by closing the doors on the piece. If a computer armoire has a movable work surface, you must clear the area of papers or other items in order the close the cabinet. On a modern computer armoire, the writing surface is 30 inches (76 cm) from the floor.


A computer armoire is available in a variety of finishes, styles, and price ranges. The workstations come in traditional and contemporary versions, in finishes to match your decor. A computer armoire may be constructed from solid wood or veneers.

Although a computer armoire may vary in width and height, depth remains fairly consistent at 21-27 inches (53-69 cm). Although some models feature glass accents, most have wood fronts. The doors on some models wrap around the cabinet so that one, or both, folds flat against the side.

Additional features of a computer armoire may include file drawers, drawers with dividers, and even CD storage. Some models contain a keyboard tray with wrist support, a pull-out printer shelf, and interior lighting options. Other optional details include levelers, a power panel, and a vented back panel to allow for air circulation for the computer components.

Historically, armoires contained a lock, but most current armoires do not. The Moore desk, which utilizes a single door to secure its sliding working areas, is similar to a modern armoire. A computer armoire with a fixed writing surface is similar to a traditional rolltop desk, which also provides a means to quickly hide documents or work. An armoire desk with a slide-out writing surface is more like a Wooten desk, both in size and in the necessity to move papers to close the unit.


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Post 4

My husband and I share a home office space and we have room for two desks and two different computer work stations. My husband has a rolltop desk that functions pretty much like an armoire except it doesn't have a tray for the keyboard.

I went with a black computer armoire that matches the contemporary office look. I love all the shelves and compartments the armoire has, and especially like the lighting right above where the computer is.

It seems like a armoire like this is not as popular as it once was, but I don't think I will be getting rid of mine any time soon.

Post 3

When we made an unused bedroom into a home office we bought a contemporary computer armoire. This really goes nicely with the decor of the room, and has some nice features to it.

Everything from the computer to the printer to our files can be kept in this one space. It also has a tray that pulls out to hold the keyboard. I also like the fact that it hides all the cords, so the whole space looks nice and neat.

It seems like we leave the armoire open most of the time, but if we are having company over, it is nice to have the option to close the doors and hide the mess.

Post 2

I love my computer armoire because it hides my messy office work area. I work from home and end up with papers and files all over the place. When I am done working for the day, I can simply close the armoire and don't have to look at the piles of clutter that would otherwise be out in the open.

Post 1

Several years ago we bought an oak computer armoire. While this looks really nice in our home office, it rarely gets used anymore. My husband brings a lot of work home from the office, but he usually does this on his laptop.

Weeks can go by without either one of us opening up the armoire and getting on this computer. I have been thinking about selling the armoire because it is just taking up space that could be used for something else.

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