What Is a Color Consultation?

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A color consultation is an appointment with a hair stylist in which the client explores hair dye options. During a color consultation, the stylist shows his or her client swatches of dyed hair or pictures to help decide what color is best. The stylist and client may also discuss pricing, the amount of time needed to perform the dye job, and the best time to make the appointment. After this consultation, the stylist purchases the color needed if the salon does not already have it in stock and books the appointment.

This kind of consultation takes place before a customer gets his or her hair dyed. The stylist and customer discuss the best hair color, taking into account the customer’s skin tone, eye color, and other features. These features play a large part in determining what color will look most natural on a person. For the stylist, a color consultation gives him or her a better idea of what the customer wants, how much time should be booked for the appointment, and whether the salon has the dye in stock.


It is not unusual for a hair salon to refuse service to people who have not yet done a consultation. Consultations ensure both parties are prepared for the makeover and satisfied with the results. In addition, there is usually little reason to avoid a consultation, because they are often free. Another benefit of having a consultation is that the customer knows exactly the amount the salon wishes to charge. Without a consultation, a salon usually gives a base price, which is added to depending on the amount of hair a customer has and how long the procedure took.

Sometimes a salon will not have the requested hair dye in stock, especially if the color is an unnatural one. Therefore, after a color consultation, an employee will order the hair dye in preparation for the customer’s appointment. He or she will also finalize the details of the appointment in the salon’s books. Once the customer comes back for the actual hair appointment, everything will be ready.

Color consultations are most popular at upper-scale salons. An inexpensive salon might not deal with chemicals at all. It is generally a good idea to phone ahead to ask whether or not a salon performs or requires a consultation. In some cases, however, the salon might not have a lot of business and let customers walk in for a dye job.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- I think that you will be very happy with the advice you get from a color consultation. The hair color consultant that meets with you will be able to combine your preferences with the colors that will look best with your complexion and eye color to find the perfect hair color for you. This process is much better than having your hair colored without this professional information, which could lead to a result you don't like.

When you meet with a color consultant, it is important that you have some color ideas in mind to share with him or her. That way, you both will be on the same page when you narrow down your color choices.

You should also make sure that you choose a color consultant that you feel comfortable expressing your concerns with. This will help you avoid ending up with a hair color that you don't like or that doesn't look right on you.

Post 1

I have been getting my hair colored the same shade of blonde for the past 10 years, but I am finally in the mood for a change. Though I want to keep my hair color shade in the blonde family, I'm not sure what exact color to choose. Will a hair color consultant be able to help me decide?

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