What is a Coconut Bra?

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A coconut bra is a bra that is made out of half shells of a coconut. Generally, these bras are associated with temperate regions of the North Pacific and South Pacific, including Hawaii, Polynesian areas and other various archipelagos dotting the region. Today, the coconut bra is mainly used as a novelty item in themed parties.

While at some point in the past there may have been a practical use for the bra, this is no longer the case. Softer, more flexible, and more supportive materials have taken it place. While in the past, islanders may have had to use whatever resources they had on the island, a globalization of the economy has ensured that is no longer the case.

Manufacturing a coconut bra comes from the harvesting of coconuts, which comes from certain species of palm trees. While not every palm tree will produce coconuts, the ones that do usually produce a fair number of them. It only takes one coconut to make a complete coconut bra.

Once the coconuts have been harvested, the next step is to prepare the coconut to be used as a bra. Doing this involves splitting the coconut in half horizontally, then drying the coconut. Once it is tried, holes can then be bored into several parts for the attaching of the string or whatever other material will be used hold the bra cups to the body.


While coconut bras may be considered bra alternatives, they are generally not for practical use. They are extremely uncomfortable and not very flexible. Therefore, they are very rarely used when comfort is the main concern. However, there could be other situations where the coconut bra is a bra of choice.

When going to parties where the theme is important, the coconut bra can be a very interesting conversation piece. Those who do not want to buy one may decide to purchase a shell bra. Both are generally the same concept; they simply use different materials for the bra cup.

Those who are in the market for one of these bras may want to consider trying to be fitted in person, rather than ordering online or through a catalog. Due to the inflexible material, choosing an exact size is important. Otherwise, it could become quite painful, or at least very uncomfortable, to the wearer. If being fitted in person is not possible, then it is wise to make sure it is ordered well ahead of time, in case returning it becomes necessary.


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