What is a Coaxial Surge Protector?

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

Anyone buying a computer will likely be encouraged to purchase a surge protector. These outlet strips regulate the flow of energy to all plugged-in units, protecting them from harm in the event of a power surge. A coaxial surge protector, also known as a cable surge protector, guards against power surges on coaxial cable lines.

Coaxial cable is typically used during cable TV installation and for some computer, audio and visual equipment.
Coaxial cable is typically used during cable TV installation and for some computer, audio and visual equipment.

A coaxial cable system is a means of transmitting high-frequency, high-speed signals. It is used in internet and television distribution, sometimes allowing faster and more comprehensive transmission of signals. Fairly common in the modern world, coaxial systems are regularly used in both homes and businesses to create fast, reliable connections to the internet or cable systems.

Electronic devices are highly sensitive to variations in the power directed at them. A power surge or spike lasting less than a second, can irrevocably short out computers, televisions or other connected electronic devices. Surges are often unpredictable and unpreventable, caused by lightning strikes or power line malfunctions,

A coaxial surge protector redirects the excess energy created by a cable-generated spike or surge, which may be particularly dangerous to electronics because of its higher-frequency transmissions. Without a coaxial surge protector, any electronics using a cable connection are at risk for damage or even total destruction. Many computer experts suggest having a coaxial surge protector to prevent the loss of stored computer information and to protect the electronics themselves.

A conventional surge protector looks like a strip of outlets with an on/off button at one end. Some may feature a light that tells whether surge protection is enabled and working correctly. Some combination coaxial surge protectors differ by featuring an additional cable line input and output. This enables the surge protector to provide dual protection against both regular power surges and cable line surges. There are also separate devices that provide only cable protection.

There are many different levels and brands of coaxial surge protectors on the market. Remember, unless a system uses a broadband cable connection, this type of surge protector may not be necessary. Coaxial surge protectors are usually available at computer and electronics stores, though it may be wise to read consumer reviews and expert recommendations before purchasing. The type of surge protector required may depend on the type of system and amount of energy used by the plugged-in devices. Since new and improved versions of these products are released regularly, it may be a good idea to do some research on system requirements and performance before buying a coaxial surge protector.

Jessica Ellis
Jessica Ellis

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