What is a Client-Oriented Kitchen?

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Since many people work from their homes today, there has been an increased demand for client-oriented kitchens. A client-oriented kitchen is one that is designed with entertaining clients in mind. The home office may be small and the client may feel more comfortable and more welcomed in the home's kitchen area. When planning a kitchen with clients in mind, an uncluttered, yet tasteful-looking space that is highly efficient often works best.

The style of a client-oriented kitchen should definitely reflect the tastes of the home owner, but clutter and outdated features are best avoided. A warm, efficient kitchen with table space for projects and paperwork should make a good impression on clients. Room for projects and cups of coffee to coexist safely is ideal.

If size allows, both a table with chairs and a breakfast bar with stools could be a good choice for a client-oriented kitchen. This way, the client has a choice of where to sit which could make him or her feel more comfortable. Good lighting should be a part of the space so that paperwork can be easily viewed.


A client-oriented kitchen is especially handy if the home office is nearby. This way, the home owner and client can access the computers or other equipment in the office and spread out paperwork on the table in the kitchen if the office is too small to allow for extra tables. Even if the home owner doesn't have his or her own business and just works at home part-time, this adjacent type of set up can still be nice to have.

A great client-oriented kitchen manages to make the client feel at home while still maintaining a professional image. This can make for a pleasant environment for both the client and the home owner. Most clients appreciate a company that makes an effort to build a genuine professional relationship with them and a client-oriented kitchen can really make the client feel welcomed and valued.


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