What is a Client Class?

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Client classes are features of the network registrar that allow various users of a single network to use and share utilities and programs. There are many different types of client classes depending on the type of program and the different permissions or features that each user needs. For example, a client class could be set so that sales people have access to the sales software, but a second client class could be set so that only managers have the ability to delete or refund sales. Each company will want to assess their needs to choose and create the right client classes for them.

Each computer program, utility, network, server or hardware will have a series of client classes that are customizable by the administrator depending on how the users interact with their information technology and with each other. For example, a client class gives the network administrator the ability to set parameters around how people interact with other servers. Everyone in the same class could have the same access to a set of computer services and programs so that they can work together with the same information even if they are in different locations. Examples of applications that can be accessed through a client class include libraries of information, software, or databases.


Client classes can also serve as a portal for certain other user interactions. For example, a SMTP client class can help a company with their email server needs. This type of class can be used to send out bulk email messages to clients or to have an automatic reply to certain emails received. Since thousands of client classes can be active at the same time, all of a company's employees can have access to all of their computer resources at the same time as well.

Most software programs will create a temporary client class when a user opens a program which will serve as a type of record of use. If companies need to track the action of employees and how they use certain programs, a client class record could be useful. To come up with the right class and the right class features, a company will need to have computer programmers who understand the language of the specific class. This will ensure there are no bugs or problems with the function of the class. Computer programmers who are familiar with the different programming languages will also be able to ensure the integrity of the network when it comes to accessing different types of servers.


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