What is a Christmas Tree Skirt?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

A Christmas tree skirt is a rounded skirt with an open side that is used to cover the Christmas tree stand. Since fresh Christmas tree stands have gotten larger to accommodate watering the tree, many find that the skirt covers up the unsightly look of the stand.

A Christmas tree skirt may be used to cover an unsightly Christmas tree stand.
A Christmas tree skirt may be used to cover an unsightly Christmas tree stand.

Additionally, many like to use a Christmas tree skirt in order fashionably dress the bottom of the tree, and to catch needles from the tree as they fall. So it can be said that the skirt is both functional and fashionable.

Christmas tree skirts should be kept out of the reach of children.
Christmas tree skirts should be kept out of the reach of children.

There are many options available when choosing a Christmas tree skirt. Some are made of flashy metallics, while others are quite simple and are constructed for the purpose of not detracting from the trimmed tree. Many attach the skirt to itself with Velcro, but some prefer to have the skirt open.

In fact, most advise that the opening part of the skirt be accessible so one can regularly water the tree. Further, for safety purposes, the circumference of the skirt should not exceed the widest circumference portions of the tree. This can help keep the skirt from tripping people up who regularly walk past the tree, and may be unaccustomed to the extra cloth on the floor.

It’s also advisable to keep the Christmas tree skirt well out of the reach of young children. Alternately one can make sure the tree is wired to the ceiling or the wall. A vigorous pull of the tree skirt could bring the tree down and cause injury or destruction of ornaments and lighting.

If one doesn’t wish to go to the trouble of purchasing a Christmas tree skirt, one can use several options for getting the same results. One can purchase a piece of fabric in whatever pleasing colors one finds and use this as a tree skirt. As well, many use the time-honored tradition of wrapping a small sheet or blanket around the tree. A decorative shawl or throw can also make for a nice tree skirt.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

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My family has a personalized Christmas tree skirt. It has our family name etched on it. It's very nice. My grandma actually makes quilted Christmas tree skirts and gifts them to friends and family. It makes for a great gift.


@Authordor-- I don't think that every culture uses Christmas tree skirts. I don't think that it has been in use for a very long time either. Some cultures keep miniature pine trees in pots as Christmas trees. A tree skirt is not needed or used in this case.

I can just imagine how a Christmas tree skirt was invented. Someone probably got tired of cleaning up needles falling from the Christmas tree and tried to place a table cloth underneath. But it wouldn't fit perfectly and the stand looked ugly, so he or she probably took a scissors and cut one side.


A Christmas tree skirt also makes for a nice place to put presents. Without the tree skirt, it would look messy. I personally don't like very fancy Christmas tree skirts. I don't like flashy colors. I prefer a simple one in red or green. I bought a tree skirt for my Christmas tree five years ago and I have been using it since. I'm sure it will last me another five years.

Christmas tree skirts originated with the early German tradition of bringing evergreen trees into the home for the celebration of Christmas and the older tradition of celebrating Yule on or about the 21st of December. The first modern recorded use of the Christmas Tree as a part of seasonal celebrations dates to the early 14th century (approx. 1512) when trees were used in churches in the regions that now constitute modern France and Germany.
Where did Christmas tree skirts originate?
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