What is a Chore Chart?

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A chore chart is an organizational tool used to list chores for people in a particular household. Often used in households that have children, chore charts provide a visual aid, making it easy for family members to see exactly what they are expected to do on any given day. For example, this type of chart may list such things as making beds, sweeping and mopping the floor, doing dishes, and taking out the trash. It can help to eliminate the forgetfulness that often causes people to fall behind on their assigned tasks.

A chore chart may be designed to hold tasks for just one person or several. If it is intended for just one person, it may be set up like a calendar, with various chores assigned for different days. Often, a space is left on the chore chart to allow the person to check off the chores he or she has performed on that day. If the chore chart is intended for more than one person, a similar setup may be used, but more columns will be needed to allow for the inclusion of different names and a variety of chores. When multiple people are included on a chore chart, it may be more helpful to list of chores by day and fill in the name of the person who is scheduled to do each chore on a particular day.


Although chore charts are typically used to organize household tasks, they can also be used at workplaces. They may be useful for assigning employees tasks that are somewhat unrelated to their job descriptions or require taking turns. For example, if a company has a kitchen or common area that employees are allowed to use, a chore chart may be useful for making sure the space is kept clean and orderly. One employee may be assigned the task of cleaning the coffee pot, for example, while another is assigned the task of wiping down counters at the end of every day.

In some cases, a chore chart may be used to implement a reward system. This is often the case when chore charts are used with younger children. A child may receive a star or some other type of acknowledgment for every task he or she successfully completes. At the end of the week, or at the end of the month, the parent may choose to provide some form of reward for completing all or a set number of the assigned chores. For example, if a child makes his bed every day of the week, he may be rewarded with a DVD rental or some other treat.


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Post 3

In relation to the last paragraph, I don't think it's a good idea to bribe kids into doing their chores. While there's nothing "wrong" about it, they may start to take advantage of you. Obviously, this won't always be the case, but some children might think that they can get anything they want through their work. When they realize they won't always be rewarded, a tantrum could ensue.

Post 2

As a kid, I remember having to do chores on Saturday morning. Though I always hated it, it certainly helped to keep our house nice and clean. Though some people take their weekly chores for granted, what we need to remember is that it's important to keep up with our living conditions. If we don't take the time to clean our house, though the effects might not be immediately noticeable, things will begin to get rundown and unrepairable. For an example, stains on the carpet.

Post 1

When I was at college, my roommates and I had a troll chart. Normally before the semester ended, we were required to clean up our living spaces. To make this much easier, what we'd do is make a list and divide out chores among all three of us. That way, we knew who had to do what, and there was little to no confusion.

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