What is a Chemistry Set?

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A chemistry set is an educational tool which allows young people to explore their interest in chemistry and the natural sciences. It typically includes equipment, chemicals, and an instruction booklet with suggested experiments and precautions. Chemistry kits vary widely, from simple and very safe versions designed for elementary school students to more complex sets meant for teenagers and young adults. At the very least, a chemistry set can be great fun, but it can also instill a lifelong interest in science.

Typical equipment in a chemistry set includes pipettes, beakers, graduated cylinders, goggles, corks, and dishes. A thermometer and magnifying glass for making observations are also common, as a timer for keeping track of experiments. In many cases, the chemistry kit will also have a logbook or lab book for noting down various reactions, especially if it is designed for older users. The logbook is designed to get the user thinking scientifically, encouraging students to think about their experiences and write down experiments in a widely accepted and useful scientific format.

An assortment of wet and dry chemicals will also be included, usually packaged in secure containers so that they do not react. Replacements for these chemicals can be ordered from the manufacturer, and in some cases a chemistry set is also designed to work with household chemicals. Depending on the age the chemistry set is designed for, the chemicals may be extremely safe, producing minimal reactions, or they may be more reactive, creating puffs of smoke or fire.


The instruction book will clearly list all of the chemicals included, along with their properties and precautions. It will also include suggestions for experiments that the user might want to try, with easy directions which are designed to inspire confident and safe use. Often, the instruction book may also have comics or jokes which are designed to make the educational experience more fun. While using the components of the chemistry set, the student will acquire hands on knowledge about chemistry and the natural environment.

Parental supervision is generally recommended when younger children use a chemistry set, out of concern for breakable items and potentially startling chemical reactions. It is also important to check the age recommendation on a chemistry set, to ensure that it is suitable for the intended recipient. A 15 year old, for example, probably would not derive much enjoyment from a set meant for a 10 year old, while an eight year old might not be experienced enough to handle a kit for a 13 year old.


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Post 5

Thames and Komos 3000 is the best 'adult' chemistry set. I have one myself and I'm 25. It gives you a nice starting point with the chemical assortment, and some glassware. Adding onto it with reflux glassware and more technical things makes it perfect for the home chemist.

Post 4

My first chemi set and 12 led me to making and using all modern explosives. Big firework shows. Research into plastics, and I'm still at it, at nearly 80. Chemi sets are great to get kids going, but the modern ones are a bit tame!

Post 3

Strangely enough I am also a 53 year old adult, although male, and I had a great chemistry set as a kid. I was also looking for a set to bring back a few memories, but the modern versions are so safe and boring it is unbelievable that people buy them. We used to get all sorts of interesting chemicals in the old kits (and no safety glasses). --John

Post 1

I am a 53 year old adult that has wanted a chemistry set since my older brother got one, as a girl i never got one, what would be the best one for me?

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