What Is a Cheesecake Wedding Cake?

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Brides today are no longer bound by the strict rules of convention. This means they can get creative with their wedding décor, setting, flowers and even the cake, making sure they reflect their own tastes and personalities. A wedding cake is traditionally white, iced and tiered, with toppers on the uppermost layer representing the bride and her groom. More and more often, a cheesecake wedding cake is taking the place of the traditional wedding cake. A cheesecake wedding cake can be a plain cheesecake, or it can be one of any number of flavored cheesecake varieties, and it can be presented plain or decked in flowers or other decorations. A cheesecake is usually heavier than other types of cake, but it can still be presented in tiers with the right equipment as a foundation.


Depending on the bride and groom’s preference, a cheesecake wedding cake can be enhanced with a variety of toppings and icings. Some couples prefer buttercream frosting, while others like a chocolate icing called ganache and still others like fondant. The sides of the cheesecake can be dressed up with ribbon, cookies or chocolates, including carved chocolate roses or other shapes, and the top can have fruit toppings or a larger chocolate rose. The cheesecake can even be chocolate for the true chocolate-loving couple and their guests. Specialty cheesecake can be anything from raspberry and strawberry to key lime or white chocolate, and tasty decorative touches can include nuts, berries, cookies and edible flowers.

A thought to keep in mind when choosing a cheesecake wedding cake is that freezing this type of cake can affect its texture. This fact comes into play if the bridal couple plans to follow the tradition of freezing the small upper tier and saving it in anticipation of their first anniversary. Couples who choose to go with cheesecake for their wedding cake should find an alternative, such as having a small tier of regular cake held in reserve specifically for freezing. No one has to know it’s a different type of cake, thanks to clever decorating that can ice it and adorn it the same as the lower tiers of a cheesecake wedding cake. The flavors of the two types of cake can be matched, if necessary, with many cheesecakes flavored with blueberries, cherries, liqueur, lemon or chocolate chips.


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