What Is a Chauffeur License?

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People who are interested in becoming a personal driver may want to apply for a chauffeur license, which allows them to transport passengers in a bus or limousine. The requirements for obtaining this license vary, but generally include a safe driving record, passing a written exam, and a physical. Some jurisdictions also require citizens to be a certain age and hold a regular driver's license for a period of time, typically two years, before applying. The license may be renewed periodically, but the interval of time varies by location and age of the driver.

Before someone can apply for work as a professional driver, most jurisdictions require the applicant to have a chauffeur license. This document allows people to transport passengers for private companies or individuals. One of the jobs a person with this type of license can do is that of a limousine driver. Other companies may hire shuttle drivers to move employees from one location to the next via bus or van. People who wish to operate commercial transportation, such as chartered buses, may need to have a different type of license in order to do so.


One of the requirements for obtaining a chauffeur license is often age. Many areas require an applicant to be at least 21 years old before she can apply for these credentials, although some jurisdictions permit citizens who are at least 18 to do so. A standard policy throughout many countries is that a person must have held a regular driver's license for at least two years before receiving a chauffeur's license.

In addition to a person's age, written and medical exams are usually required. A physical exam must be conducted by a licensed physician who can verify the applicant has no health issues that would affect her driving ability. This may be in addition to a vision screening, which is administered by the motor vehicle bureau. After an applicant has satisfactorily completed medical testing, she may be permitted to take a written examination, which may cover safety and the driving laws of that area.

Once an individual obtains a chauffeur license it is typically good for a period of four years, after which time it must be renewed in order to remain employable as a personal driver. This may require an updated medical exam and proof of safe driving history during the previous interval. A written exam does not normally need to be taken again unless the laws of that area have changed dramatically.


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Post 2

@golf07 - Your experience reminds me of a story my dad has told me more than once. He is now 83 years old, but was driving a regular school bus when he was just 16.

I don't know if they had chauffeur license requirements that long ago, but he was legally able to do this many years ago.

I always tried to teach my kids how just getting a drivers license was a right and should be treated that way. I can't imagine that any of them were good enough drivers to handle the responsibility of a chauffeur license at a young age.

I think it is a good thing there are laws and age requirements in many states in order to receive this special license.

Post 1

I received my chauffeur's license when I was just 18 years old. I had my regular Iowa drivers license since I was 16 and did not have any speeding tickets or accidents.

The reason I got my chauffeur license was to pick up special needs kids from school and take them home in the afternoon. This was my senior year of high school and I was done with my classes by noon.

My sister is mentally handicapped and attended school about 20 miles away where they had a good special education program. There were two other children who were involved in this program in our school district.

After receiving permission from the superintendent and the parents of

the children, I was able to get my chauffeur license and transport them in a school car.

When I look back on it, that was a lot of responsibility for someone my age to be responsible for the safety of other kids.

Thankfully, there were never any problems, and this was a way for me to make some extra money when I was in school.

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