What is a Charger Mat?

Tara Barnett

A charger mat is a device that carries electricity from an outlet to a flat surface, which is then used to charge an electronic device. The mat is typically designed to work with a specific type of connector device. Without a receiver that allows the mat to work with each electronic device, a charger mat is relatively useless. When all component pieces are used, the mat can reduce cord clutter and can make it easier to charge multiple devices at once.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

Most electronics must be fitted with a special charging case or other receiver in order to work with a charger mat. This receiver must take power from the mat and somehow get that power into the device. Usually, the receiver is attached in a semi-permanent fashion, typically as a case or attachment. Keeping track of attachments can be nearly as difficult as keeping track of cords, so most people elect to leave the charging attachment on most of the time.

The charger mat itself is usually a relatively simple object designed for use on a flat surface. Once the charger mat has been plugged in, the flat surface will charge as many appropriately fitted devices as can stay in contact with the mat. Usually the mat and the electronic attachments are magnetized in order to ensure a good connection. A sound or other notification may be used to signify that the device is charging.

Even though the surface of the charger mat is able to charge an electronic device, it is safe to touch and sometimes can even survive getting wet. This is because the mat does not have any exposed connectors. Some people believe that this is therefore safer than other charging methods.

While many people find that charging their electronics using a charger mat is more convenient, there are still some drawbacks to this charging method. Each electronic device must be fitted with a unique connection, and each connection costs money. Since charger mats are not yet standard, devices typically do not come with their own attachments out of the box.

One major problem with this type of charging apparatus is that is can drain electricity at a higher rate than simply plugging in each device. Since the charger mat is designed to be left plugged in all the time, it is constantly draining electricity. In a single household, this might not make much of a difference, but on a large scale the environmental effects could be noticeable.

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