What Is a Champagne Breakfast?

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A champagne breakfast is a morning or mid-day meal where champagne is served along with the food. This type of meal is generally reserved for special occasions and celebrations, such as holidays, reunions, or other events. The champagne breakfast is also common at high-end hotels and vacation resorts. Some people host these meals at home, then invite friends and family to join them for food and champagne. Despite the perceived elegance and formality of champagne, these breakfasts can feature simple or gourmet food, served in a casual setting or a more luxurious environment.

While the menu at a champagne breakfast varies based on the setting, the meal is always accompanied by a glass of champagne or sparkling wine of some sort. Sometimes, other cocktails are also served upon request, though this is less common. Diners can also choose from non-alcoholic beverages like sodas, water, tea, and coffee, as well as traditional breakfast drinks like orange juice. Some restaurants may provide only a single glass of champagne per guest, while others offer unlimited refills.


At this meal, diners may be allowed to serve themselves from a buffet, or order specific meals off the menu. Others set a fixed menu, which limits diners to only a few food selections. In the United States, these breakfasts or champagne brunches are typically all-inclusive, and the buffet style of dining is quite popular at hotels and resorts. When the breakfast is held in the home, or in a smaller hotel or restaurant, the buffet may be eschewed in favor of custom orders from each diner.

The quality of the food at such a breakfast tends to vary from very simple items like bread and fruit to high-end gourmet dishes. Fine resorts, hotels, and restaurants generally serve a champagne breakfast with high-quality food. Dishes can include standard breakfast items like eggs and bacon, along with more elaborate dishes like smoked salmon and caviar. When a champagne breakfast is used as a charity fund raiser, the food is often quite elaborate, which allows the charity to charge more per plate and raise more money.

When this type of breakfast is held at home, food is often much simpler. Options include eggs, meat, and bread, as well as fresh fruit, muffins, and other side dishes. The addition of a glass of champagne helps to transform this simple cuisine into a much more luxurious and celebratory occasion, making it a popular event on holidays or other special days.


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A wedding planner I know told me that morning weddings -- even sunrise ones! -- are becoming more common. She said that weddings held early are much less expensive than evening events, however, she wasn't sure if it was the financial savings or the fad-like aspect of weddings that was behind the trend. Reading this article reminded me of our conversation and it strikes me that a champagne breakfast would be perfect for an early morning wedding's festivities.

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