What is a Chakra Test?

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A chakra test is a way to determine the state of an individual's chakras by measuring responses to a series of questions. Each of the seven chakras is linked with a certain characteristic, and tests are designed to measure the individual's state of mind and body to guide the subject in knowing if he or she needs to concentrate on opening or closing particular chakras in order to restore balance to the body. A thorough chakra test will ask questions regarding a wide variety of personality traits and interaction with the outside environment.

There are seven main chakras, although there are many more points across the body that are thought to also channel energy. Each of the chakras governs an organ, a gland, a color, and certain personality traits or ways in which the individual interacts with the world. For example, the heart chakra governs the way in which an individual relates to and feels about those around him or her. It is related to the ability to love, to forgive, and to be moved by the difficulties of others. In a chakra test, there are typically questions about how the individual would react to a friend in need, a betrayal, or an inclination to fight for the victim of an injustice.


The answers the individual gives to these questions indicate on what level each chakra is functioning. An individual who is not compassionate or willing to forgive will get a result that his or her chakra is underactive, indicating that there are benefits to be gained from meditation and other activities designed to stimulate the chakra. The chakra test will also tell the individual if chakras are overactive.

For example, the third eye chakra is located in the middle of the forehead and is thought to govern the individual's ability to trust feeling and to intuitively realize things about the environment. The chakra test will typically ask questions regarding the individual's ability to visualize ideas and remember dreams as well as how likely he or she is to trust in instinct. If the answers to the test questions indicate that the individual relies almost solely on intuition, daydreams constantly, or, in the most extreme of cases, is subject to hearing voices and seeing hallucinations, this can indicate that the third eye chakra is overactive.

The chakra test allows an individual to get an idea of which chakras are in a healthy, open state and which need to be focused on more. Some tests will also assign a percentage to the chakra values, and this can indicate how close to balanced the chakras are. A number of chakra tests are available; they vary in length and typically include different questions.


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