What is a Chakra Necklace?

Diane Goettel

A chakra necklace is a necklace made with semi-precious stones that correspond with the chakras in the body. Chakras, in Indian philosophy, are centers in the body that are connected to spiritual existence and spiritual power. The chakras are believed to exist in a lateral line within the body from the top of the head to the reproductive organs. For those who believe in the power and significance of chakras, it is important to keep them balanced. Some believe that by wearing jewelry, such as a necklace, with stones that correspond to each of the chakras, it is easier to keep them in balance.

Semi-precious stones and crystals are featured in chakra necklaces.
Semi-precious stones and crystals are featured in chakra necklaces.

The chakras are often represented in a rainbow formation with a purple chakra at the crown chakra, which is located on the top of the head, and a red chakra at the root chakra, which is located in the ovaries or prostate. Following this model, stones in a chakra necklace are often arranged in a rainbow formation to echo the arrangement of the chakras in the body. There are some beliefs that crystals, minerals, and semi-precious stones offer various types of healing properties. As such, there is some debate among people who make chakra jewelry about which stones are best to represent each chakra. Some people simply believe that a chakra necklace needs only to reflect each of the colors represented within the chakras.

Chakra necklaces are often arranged by the colors of the rainbow.
Chakra necklaces are often arranged by the colors of the rainbow.

There are a number of ways to arrange the stones in a chakra necklace. Although most chakra jewelry arranges the stones in a rainbow format, the stones may be arranged together as separate pendants that hang along the neckline or as a pattern that is made in a long, beaded necklace or lariat. In other cases the stones are arranged in one vertical pendant that hands on the breast bone.

Depending on the kinds of stones that are used to make a chakra necklace, the price of this piece of jewelry can vary greatly. If the necklace is made with low-quality common stones and strung on leather, the necklace might be quite affordable, as low as $15 USD (US Dollars) or even less. On the other hand, if the necklace is made with high-quality, semi-precious stones that are polished and perfectly cut, the price will be higher. The setting, which may be sterling silver or even gold or platinum, also sets the price of a chakra necklace. These kinds of necklaces can cost hundreds of dollars.

The root chakra represents the prostate.
The root chakra represents the prostate.

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Discussion Comments


I usually wear a simple chakra pendant that hangs vertically down my neck. I recently ordered a gemdrop chakra pendant that has much bigger stones than I usually wear.

While the pendant really looks nice, it doesn't lay as flat on my neck as I would have liked it to. If this necklace is too big to wear with something, I will slip it in my pocket.

Even though it is not directly on my skin, I still feel it in my pocket and feel it gives me just as much benefit.


I am not familiar with chakra, but commented on how pretty my co-worker's necklace was, and she told me it was a chakra necklace. She also had a matching chakra braclet that she was wearing.

These were set in sterling silver and the different colors of gemstones was very pretty. I didn't realize that people wore jewelry like this to keep them balanced and align their energy.

I remember reading once how amethyst crystals put in a dog's water bowl were supposed to help repel fleas. I kept it in there for the entire summer season, and she didn't end up getting any fleas.

I don't know if it worked or not, but found it an interesting concept. It makes sense that people would want to wear this jewelry close to their body to get the most benefit from it.


I have a heart chakra necklace that is really beautiful. This is not a rainbow design with several colors, but the heart is made of jasper sacred stone.

Even if you weren't familiar with chakra, I think most people would find this necklace very appealing. When I wear this necklace I feel more balanced and in tune with the positive influences that are around me.

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