What is a Chaise Chair?

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A chaise chair, most commonly called a chaise lounge, is a chair which has an extended seat in order for the feet to be placed on it. The name is derived from the French "chaise longue" which means "long chair."

The ancestors of the chaise chair were depicted in ancient artwork from both Egyptian and Grecian sources. The asymmetrical design made it appealing during the Rococo period in France, when unbalance was highly appreciated. It was during this time period that they were officially dubbed "chaise longue." It was once again revived in the early 20th century as the shape of the chaise chair was an excellent reflection of the straight and long architectural styles of that time.

Lounges have consistently been a symbol of luxury, wealth, and power. The first formal appearances during the 16th century were at a time when the common man used stools and simple seating, making the lounge chair a symbol of authority. Centuries later, during the 1930s, Hollywood starlets could be seen strewn over the chaise chair in a glamorous pose.

The very first chaise lounges were made from cane and wood. They evolved into highly ornamented decorative pieces during the Rococo revival. Modern lounges can be found in as wide a variety of makeups as there are styles of rooms.


Lounges can be constructed from materials such as hard woods, wrought iron, composites, and wicker. The seat is most likely to be upholstered in fabric or leather to provide the comfort that the chaise is known for. The covering choices available are too many to list, and can be found in just about any pattern or color that a buyer desires.

While the chaise chair was originally built for indoor use, they can be found both indoors and outdoors in the early 21st century. They are commonly found poolside as their design makes them fantastic for sunbathing. These chairs are sometimes reclining to give a little extra sense of relaxation.

There are three basic style types of chaise chairs. The first is a cross between a daybed and a chair. It has an extended back that forms an L-shape. The single arm rest begins at the same level as the back and tapers down to the feet. The second kind of chaise has a back and extended seat with no arm rests. The third style looks like a traditional chair with a back and two arm rests with an extended seat.


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