What Is a Certified Internet Webmaster?

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Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) refers to a range of certifications available to Web site design and development professionals, with the designation of Certified Internet Web Professional. There are four main areas of certification available: Web foundations, design, development and security. Commonly, the Certified Internet Webmaster designation is used to refer to someone who has gained all professional certifications in each area covered, although it is not a formal designation bestowed. Candidates interested in demonstrating to employers a third-party assessment of retained skills related to any of these four areas can complete the required courses and examinations to gain the corresponding certification.

The area of Web foundations covers three main areas of the Certified Internet Webmaster certification and leads to a Web Foundations Associate certification. Areas covered include Internet Business Associate, Site Development Associate and Network Technology Associate. Web foundations allows candidates to gain certification in one area, rather than in all areas.

Design certification consists of two different areas that lead to the Certified Internet Webmaster designation of Web Design Professional. The areas covered are design and e-commerce. Students may also pursue these certifications independently leading to Web Design Specialist or E-Commerce Specialist.


For development certification, students will take courses and exams in three different areas in order to obtain a Certified Internet Webmaster certification as a Web Development Professional. This study focuses on JavaScript, Perl and database design. Gaining individual certification as a specialist in each covered is an option with this series of certifications as well.

Designation as a Web Security Professional is the fourth area covered under the Certified Internet Webmaster series. This particular certification consists of several levels that must be taken in order. Three levels of certification are available: Web Security Associate, Web Security Specialist and Web Security Professional. Passing the exam at each level is required in order to progress to the next.

After completing each area of study and gaining all required professional certifications, sometimes the term Certified Internet Webmaster is used to refer to such an individual. Recognition of the certification program through 2011, however, is at times a point of dispute, particularly with some employers due to the lack of formal recognition from any accrediting body or professional organization. Other employers, academic institutions and government agencies, however, have adopted the standards and will recognize the certifications offered through the CIW program.


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