What is a Certificate of Status?

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The Certificate of Status is a document that is utilized in a number of different applications. Essentially, it is is an affirmation that the person identified in the document meets the standards or requirements necessary for the situation involved. This type of certificate is also sometimes referred to as a good standing certificate, since the document is used to authenticate the merits of a given individual.

Certificates of Status are commonly used in legal situations. Many states will require these documents when seeking to obtain a license in that state for the first time, or in the event of loan settlements. A company may also need to present status certificates related to the business in order to receive all documents necessary to operate within the local jurisdiction.

Depending on the situation, the presentation of a properly prepared and notarized Certificate of Status may be sufficient to proceed with procuring other necessary documents. However, it is not unusual for there to be a waiting period between the presentation of the certificate and the reception of the requested documents. This is usually the case when the situation involves a government entity and all pertinent details must be reviewed and approved by a department before the license or other authorization documents will be issued.


A document of this type may also be required for admittance into professional organizations, industry associations, and even some institutions of higher learning. Generally, the entity that is requesting the certificate will provide guidelines for the format and amount of detail that should be included. When no guidelines are provided for the format of the document, it is possible to secure a generic Certificate of Status and fill in the blanks. Along with hard copy generic certificates, it is now possible to download electronic copies for completion and printing.


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