What is a Cement Wall?

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Cement walls are enclosing structures that are constructed of cement blocks or other concrete elements. A cement wall may be used as a retaining wall for land or water, or as a protective structure placed around the perimeter of property. The cement wall may be a small decorative element or a tall functional wall that effectively provides both protection and privacy for individuals within the confines of the wall.

One of the advantages of the cement wall is its durability. Unlike metal or wooden walls, a well-built concrete wall holds up very well to all sorts of weather. As a result, the wall may be in place for decades before replacement is necessary. This is especially true if the cement used in the creation of the wall is treated with a sealant of some type.

A cement block wall also has the benefit of being relatively inexpensive to construct. Assembling concrete blocks into a wall requires less of an outlay of funds. While the basic wall is not as attractive or decorative as other types of exterior walls, the material does respond well to the addition of a decorative facing that can help the cement wall to appear far more expensive than the actual costs.


The cement or cinder block construction can be achieved by establishing a form to aid in the placement of each cement block in the sequence. In most cases, the form is nothing more than a pattern created with the use of wood and wire. The blocks are slid into place, secured with the use of concrete between each block, and allowed to set in place. Once a section of the cement wall is sufficiently capable of remaining in place without the form, the wooden supports and series of wires are removed and another section of the wall can be completed.

Cement walls are used in residential, commercial, and governmental surroundings. A concrete wall can provide a great deal of privacy around the family home, making it possible for the residents to enjoy activities without attracting the attention of neighbors and others passing by the property. A wall constructed around a commercial establishment such as a manufacturing plant can provide security and make it easier to prevent the theft of raw materials, finished goods, and equipment. A cement wall erected around a governmental operation such as a prison helps to ensure that inmates remain incarcerated and outsiders are not able to interact with the prisoners without going through authorized procedures.


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