What is a Cellular Faceplate?

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In recent years, not only have cellular phones become necessities, they have become fashion statements as well. Gone are the days when the only option to protect and decorate a mobile phone was a leather snap-on case. A cellular faceplate can make it as easy to change the look of a phone as it is to change your socks.

Regardless of the style of phone--a standard open-faced cell phone, a clamshell flip phone, a Blackberry, or an iPhone--there are numerous options to change the phone's appearance. Entire websites are dedicated to designing and selling cellular faceplaces, and it seems that every mall in America has at least one cell phone accessories kiosk that carries a wide selection. These plastic, click-into-place plates allows the owner to match their cell phone to whatever they're wearing on any given day, should they desire.

A cellular faceplate typically comes in two pieces, one for the front and one for the back of the phone. Some faceplates clip over top of he existing plastic that protects the internal workings of the device, and some replace it entirely. The colors and designs are practically limitless. Everything from hobbies, to television and movie characters, to sports logos and abstract art can be found on a cellular faceplate.


Starting prices for simple designs are around $12.00 US Dollars (USD), with prices averaging in the $25.00 USD range for fancier designs and for licensed products, such as Disney, Harry Potter, Looney Toons, Playboy, sports team logos. For the person who has everything, there are also high-end designer faceplates, some of which are jewel-encrusted and cost thousands of dollars.

Most brick-and-mortar cell phone and electronics stores carry a wide selection of faceplates. Mall novelty shops typically have them on display in addition to the dedicated, independent kiosks. For creative types, there are kits available that contain a blank cellular faceplate along with paints and decals with which to create a personalized phone cover. No tools are required to install cell phone faceplates, which makes it a snap to add a little bling to your ring.


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