What is a Cell Phone Holster?

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A cell phone holster is a device used to carry and protect cellular phones. Typically, it allows the user to attach the cell phone to his or her belt or at the top of the pants. The phone fits snugly inside the holster, which usually contains a flap that goes over the top and snaps in place. In this way, the user does not have to worry about the cell phone accidentally falling out of the holster.

Generic cell phone holsters can be purchased at many stores. These are designed to fit any cell phone, but they do not necessarily provide a snug fit, because cellular phones are available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, it is best for the user to purchase a holster that is designed specifically for his or her model of cellular phone.

A cell phone holster has many benefits. The primary benefit is the convenience it provides. By placing the cell phone inside the holster, the user can attach the cell phone to his or her side. In this way, it is always within arm's reach. In addition, the user does not need to fumble through a purse or briefcase to search for the cell phone.


Using a holster also reduces the chance of accidentally losing one's phone. It is easy to set a cell phone down and then forget where it was placed. Keeping the cell phone in the holster and getting into the habit of always placing it at one’s side reduces the chance of misplacing the cell phone.

A cell phone holster also provides the phone with protection. The most popular designs are made with leather. This provides a barrier between the phone and hard objects that may crack or scratch it. In addition, the cell phone holster helps prevent dust from getting into the cell phone.

It is also possible to purchase a cell phone holster made from a hard plastic. This type is particularly beneficial for cell phones used in businesses, especially within industrial settings, at it protects the phone from being damaged when dropped. In addition, it can withstand the rough treatment that is typical in this type of setting.


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