What is a Cell Phone Cover?

Ken Black

A cell phone cover is a protective device that is meant to help shield the phone from damage and provide a barrier against normal wear and tear. It can either fit snugly over the phone like an extra "skin" or it can be more loose fitting, such as a cell phone case. The cell phone cover is not usually a product that comes with the phone, but can be purchased separately.

Cell phone covers are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.
Cell phone covers are popular with younger users as a way to personalize their device.

In some cases, a cover comes with a clip that attaches to a belt or waistline. This is a great accessory for those who do not have pockets or who feel a cell phone is too bulky and inconvenient to keep in a pocket. Instead, the phone cover offers an alternative that is often used, though some may consider it a bit flashy.

A cell phone cover or "skin" is designed to shield the device from harm and normal wear and tear.
A cell phone cover or "skin" is designed to shield the device from harm and normal wear and tear.

Cell phone covers are made of many different materials, depending on what is trying to be accomplished. Leather covers are the most popular material of choice for cell phone cases. Other materials include plastic sleeves or protective faceplates made of a hard polymer for covers that fit tightly over the phone.

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In some cases, a cell phone cover may come in different custom colors or even with the logo of a favorite product or sports team. Therefore, many consider a phone cover a great way to show some individual taste through a mobile phone. In such situations, the cover is just as much of a fashion statement as it is a practical protective device.

Cell phone covers are made by a variety of different manufacturers, many of which may have no agreement with the specific cell phone manufacturer their product is designed to protect. However, in most cases, this will not affect the practical use of the cover. Still, to get the best fit and, at least in some cases, the best quality, it is best to use a cover manufactured by the same company that produces the cell phone, or a company authorized by that manufacturer.

Even though phone covers are designed in ways that do not decrease the phone's functional abilities or reduce its features, some covers may do just that. To avoid this problem, it is best to choose a cover that will allow access to all side buttons and ports. This allows the phone to be protected even when these other features are being utilized.

For those interested in a cell phone cover, there are a variety of places to get them, including major retailers, online and through your cellular service provider. Most of the time they can be purchased for approximately $10 to $15 US Dollars (USD). However, there are also more expensive models that may be of better quality or provide a higher degree of function.

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The bottom line is: purchase a cell phone cover from the phone store, and you'll pay through the nose for it. They can run upwards of US$30. It's iniquitous.

However, a smart shopper can get covers online -- even the "good" ones -- for less than $15. I paid a total of that for the three covers I purchased when I upgraded my phone and needed a new cover. Some sites will even allow you to specify a price range.

There are as many kinds of covers available as there are phones to put them on. And no one will know how much you paid for your deluxe cover unless you tell them.

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